“The Same Great Taste of Supremacy…Without All the Blood”

It dawned on me recently that many, many of the people that read this and other “anti-semitic” blogs from the US of Israhell, do not have the same points of reference that we do.

To many of these international readers, the jewish culture is not as prevalent in their own countries as it is here. Having spent some time traveling, most recently in the UK, it occurred to me that a huge portion of “foreign” followers of the sites that emanate here from the TRUE promised land of the hebrew, live only in it’s shadow so to speak.
The garbage that we export to the rest of the world must be much akin to what the provincial lands of the Roman Empire received from the hub of that hegemonic state. So in a phrase…”you don’t understand it fully”. Not that there are many places on this globe where greedy kosher fingers do not in some way influence the local economics or media feeds, but to live in it’s center…the nucleus of judaic filth, is a different matter indeed.

Here in good old Amerika, it has gotten to the point at which our populace is beginning to understand that in their name, the world is suffering the jewish dictates of supremacy. As the Roman Emperor’s orders were carried out to the far flung outposts of that sprawling commonwealth…so too do the Amerikan Khazar’s edicts disseminate.

In stark contrast to the abattoir that is Gaza,in which there is no quarter given to even the slightest rebellion, we here in the States are participating in an entirely different kind of experiment in human subjugation. But one with the same goal…service. We wear the soft collar of domination. We are herded as sheep and the fruit of our labors reaped by the dominant jew. But we are allowed long productive lives in our yokes. The pain that this causes us is an unnamed desperation, as we are corralled gently to do the jews bidding, all the while being fed his POV in the form of the Frankfort School political correctness. The Palestinians have no value to our new leaders. Not as the Amerikans have. There are only a couple million left of them and they are merely a nuisance to be slaughtered outright, rather than be bled slowly as are the almost 400 millions of Yankee goyim. Instead of the jackboot in our faces, we suffer a half century of labor in our master’s service, before our untimely deaths.
So living here is much the same, or produces the same result, as living in the open-air prison of the Gaza strip and the West Bank of Palestine. We die at some point, for the benefit of the jew. That is why when a passerby recently asked me why I fly a Palestinian flag on my house, and was I a Palestinian?…I answered…”We are ALL Palestinians”. And we are. Here. The world. We are all suffering the jew and his bid for supremacy. Whether you are being shot by an IDF goon for tossing a stone in their direction, or slaving away at a factory for the largest part of your one-and-only life in this world, to pay taxes that are funneled to that hell-on-earth in which Gentile children live short, horrible lives…we are all learning to bow to the Rothschild house of pain, while the preachers of this inhuman religion mock us.

When it comes right down to it, I think that had I been given a choice in my younger years, and knowing what I know now…I would have chosen to be cut down early. To have been spared the labor ,the desperation and the humiliation of knowing that my work in life was to used to harm others. But that’s just me. And I’m just sayin…


8 thoughts on “Gaza-Lite…

  1. Hey Timster,…Prolific lately old mate. Always worth a read, excellent, Noor has a groovy piece on John Lennon, dunno if you've seen it but it's cool and quirky. I tried to listen to some of my Lennon files a few days ago (fancy not spinning a disc? bizarre); just too emotive, after that Alexei Sayle thing you did on the wireless, and now that we are creeping up on the dark day. Oh, there would appear to substantial evidence to suggest the tribe had Lennon assassinated: Just another reason to hate the bastards.Imagine all the people living life in peace.veritas

  2. Wow, very interesting and thought provoking post. We really do have a terrible situation on our hands…..I've been thinking a lot lately about solutions. What, if anything, can we do? It's one thing to know what's really going on, and who is in control, but is there anything we can do about changing it? I simply cannot think of anything we can do to change it, and it is getting worse by the day…..Anyone got any ideas?

  3. John- Yes…keep blogging. Keep telling the truth. Keep rejecting the lies. As it gets worse, so does it become more apparent. They are revealing themselves to more and more of us. It won't be long now. I won't see it. You will. Rejoice in that. Be on the right side…and keep up the good work!

  4. Not freedom but a long leash and the rough and tumble rugged individuals all drive the same route to work every day to slave away in a bland cubicle. We must suck jew ass our there will be no seat on the rapture express! We are joined to that tiny piece of shit country at the hip god will smite us down if we don't lick jew feet a little harder. Amen brother pass the collection plate Israel is running low on missiles. PS got the browser on paranoid mode so have to go with anonymouse -Winstone Smithy-

  5. Mission accomplished. Nothing to see now but the fireworks. Its always a crowd pleaser. Unfortunately they think its small price to pay for front row seats. Your life that is. Dead peasant insurance means you are worth more dead than alive. Keep paying for those cemetary plots. Heres a shovel. I,ll even pay you to dig your own grave. Just stop by the office and pick up your check when its ready. Americans are in some serious fucked up denial about whats coming next. Work makes free.

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