Circus Minimus…

This is going to be another one of those rambling things.  You could skip it altogether and still appear in polite society without having read it, and no one being the wiser.

So much is happening out there that I don’t want to touch.  Maybe a jab or two. But generally speaking, enough is being said about these items already.  And I am no expert. 
Soros is backing the legalize mary-hoochie bill in my home state.  To the tune of 20 mil or so.  Scares the shit outta me.  When a jew of that calibre gets behind anything supposedly “grass-roots”(pun intended), it’s gotta tell you there is trouble brewing.  I never cared for pot myself.  Too bulky to pack around with you.  You have smoke a ton of it to get the same feeling that a double Chivas will give you.  But that’s just me.

Demos met the 9/11 truthers in the UK.  For those of you that don’t keep up with truthers…like me…this “think tank” has written a piece entitled “The Power of Unreason”.  Sounds like something a think tank would come up with.  I read it.  I must honestly say that I cannot disagree with their conclusions.  To paraphrase, they surmise that there is one hell of a bunch of people out there that see conspiracy constantly.  I agree. They are there for even the dullest mentality to see. They also say that it is having the effect of tearing this world apart at the seams.  I also agree with this.  And more power to the theorists.  That tells me that we are doing our job.  Unlike the tank-people that are paid to diffuse us like a Vegas “cooler” is sent down to stop a streak of good luck.  It is apparently their mission to deliver the message to us all, that what we see, isn’t really there.  And as Kev Boyle put it…do so with 42 sylable phrases.  This reminds me of the “talking points” training that the IDF and the Mossad use for their conscripts to troll with.

well, you do make a point…but shouldn’t we be focusing on…blah, blah,blah…”

Anyway, again we see the hebrew hand behind all this.  Whether it’s Georgie-boy Soros…or some “Lord” Cohen or Shapiro…”the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on”.

So what else do we have?  Foreclosure-gate.  The less I say about that the better…although it’s fun to watch bankers squirm.  I once closed a letter to a banker with the quote: “bankers, like good tea, can only be appreciated when they are in hot water” .  He thought it was funny.  I know people that work in banks…and mortgage houses.  They are just folks trying to pay their own mortgages.  We never get to see the REAL bankers.  Except that guy in the gym that recognized one of them from a grilling on C-span, and punched him in the face.  I would like to see more of that.  Broken banker noses.  It does the heart good.

Jews are still killing Palestinians.  The Rense thing is heating up and people are choosing sides( I don’t think I would want Makow on my side, but that’s just me)…as if we don’t have enough to concentrate on here.  Sheesh, people.  Get with the program.  This is a circus out here.  We have bigger fish to fry.


4 thoughts on “Circus Minimus…

  1. "They also say that it is having the effect of tearing this world apart at the seams."Yes, that's the tactic; those who notice the crimes of the think tankers' paymasters — and speak up — are tearing this world apart. Tut tut.So we will have Opinion Crimes such as holocaust-denial and 9/11-denial; both worth 5 years in the Bolshevik Gulag of their choosing.And now, stay tuned for the crime of Conspiracy Mentioning – gotta be at least another 5 years.Maybe this time round the cattle wont buy it…Unless they are all too stoned on Soros' dope to notice anything at all.–

  2. Hi timster, many of these so-called 'truthers' would inevitably have to be a misdirectional psy-ops. The Rense-Glenn thing fits the bill a bit too nicely, nice demoralisation tactic. Not saying i know one way or the other, or that i really suspect either of them, but it is odd nonetheless. It sure don't help us anyhoo.How the UK 911 'truthers' thought that Demos would be of any help, if indeed they approached them, is bizzare? But i guess many of those claiming to be 'awake' just wandered into another dream.God, don't you just hate having to use those terms such as 'truther', 'awake', etc. More bloody labels likely confered by the cultural carcinogen.

  3. Soros and his friends. It goes like this,…sometime ago I used to work for someone related to this guy, that was related to the next governor of…I like the Golden rule…This someone is having his stocks shares diving because of some new law coming this way…This new law would save a few billion dollars of the taxpayer's money…Just like the real estate bad loans. I was suspicious six years ago about this billionarie's fortune. But his business has a fire bird and some Greek gods. And he went to Oxford. Well, so did Bill Clinton. And is Arizona a corrupt state? Maybe I can start a business there.

  4. I'm out here in California as well, and I simply don't know what to make of the whole Prop 19 thing. If Soros is backing it, I'm against it, that's for sure! The whole Rense-Glenn thing is a complete waste of time. I think Glenn is correct in calling out Rense, but let's move on. As you said, there are way bigger fish to fry. Note to all you crazy conspiracy theorists reading this blog- it is YOU who are causing the problems and unbelievable suffering in this world. Knock it off already! Haha, what a joke.

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