This is a video that impressed me to no end. Although I don’t agree with all it’s “green” assertions…it is an eye-opener to be sure.
If you will notice, she keeps using the phrase “fifty years ago”. Hmmmm… that is about the time that the REAL jewish takeover started steamrolling this country…


4 thoughts on “Stuff…

  1. Hey Timster,..Excellent, very easy to digest; that 'C' word caused my heart to skip a beat, whew, luckily the presenter let it go and never really went there again. I have always used the argument of specific pollution – effluent from factories into the water; rivers and oceans. Toxic smoke plumes released into the sky causing toxic rain and toxic dust covering plants, animals and buildings etc. Have you ever left your car in an underground carpark allday? The exhaust grime on the duco is so thick you can write your name in it – what about your lungs.These specific forms of pollution are the danger; climate changers blaming CO2 is the bait and switch con to hide the real pollutants and polluters.Good vid…cheers,veritas

  2. I worked at an after school program for a number of years while I was pursuing my undergraduate degree and often showed the kids this video. This was back before I really was awake to the true nature of the global power structure, but it is an interesting and informative video nonetheless, especially for children. What is sad is that kids and students are being brainwashed into believing this "Climate Change" hoax. Anything being pushed by the Establishment you can bet is a fraud. That is not to say there are not real environmental problems, but giving more of our tax money to the criminals pushing this hoax certainly doesn't seem to be the smart thing to do if you ask me.

  3. John – Yep. It's a few years old…but raises some interesting questions nonetheless about consumerism. She just doesn't connect the last dot. That of course being the tribe that owns the industry behind the linear consumer chain.

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