Don’t Be Afraid…


11 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid…

  1. Sometimes we bloggers get lost up our own sphincters. I have tried to pass on to a few that the message is getting out there. It’s wonderful to see some evidence of this. They basically left an empty room Timster. The tribe will scream and whimper and it will make not one jot of difference.Resist.

  2. I may be a bit out of sync here timster but i almost felt sorry for the IDF soldier when everyone walked out of that room, almost. He's maybe just as much a victim of the talmudic ideaology as the palestinians he's killed or helped to kill. How can the wider world help these lost people to ever regain their humanity? This sort of action is certainly a step in the right direction, Bravo.

  3. Ragnarok – I don't think you are out of sync here at all. He is a victim of that disgusting religion/mindset as much as we all are. It must be destroyed…and now. This is certainly the way to start. As the girl in the video stated correctly, true effectual movements have always begun in universities. This particular college is known for a huge jewish/zionist presence. Strike at the root, I say…

  4. Hey Timster,..Nice post, now that there is passive resistance…Power to the people: I wish I had enough marbles rolling around to just slowly get up and peel off my sweater, expose my sign and sit down; so powerful: Not me I'd rush up there and start kicking his arse.Perhaps there's a way all us older schooler 'truthers' (what a dumb term) could get in touch with the Uni's and Colleges, because I don't hear ANY noise whatsoever, anymore, from the Aussie schooling system; not so much as a whimper during "cast death" last year.When I was a kid, there was no work in my town and my mates and I would run amok, not really hurt anyone or anything but we got caught breaking into a shoe store one night, ( a shoe store, why? I laugh when I think about it) maybe fifteen kids just roaming around drinking and playin’-up, smokin’ pot; no high-crimes and misdemeanours here, just poor kids getting loose. In court most of us got sentenced to a couple of years in prison or a term of service in our chosen (!) Armed Service. I chose the Army because of my families’ military historical tradition.When I was I in the Army we got sent to a lot of civil frays. I’d see these Uni kids at close quarters, some of my mates just wanted to get into them, I wouldn’t let it happen where I was in the Line; copped a lot of shit from some of the Regimental Vegetables (Reggie Veggies). I would have given my left eye for a chance to go to Uni or College; I used to see those kids making statements and doing their thing; I was trapped in the Ranks while these kids we faced-off with were speaking my thoughts, only difference was, I KNEW THEY WERE RIGHT! I used to get so excited to see them singing and laughing, such a contrast from my Regimented doldrums.Excellent Post brother Timster, love it.POWER TO THE PEOPLE!veritas

  5. V – Thanks for that remembrance! So many out here don't understand that we paid our dues…and they should, because we wouldn't be screaming if we hadn't…

  6. For all the good intentions these young people have they would recoil in horror if you tried to explain to them about the jew banker/media mafia that has usurped the USA.Israel is a steam valve to give the jew mafia room to breath. I personally could care less about the middle east. The jew problem is here at home. The irony is that the only way to solve the Israel problem is to solve the USA's jew problem. If only these kids could see that. Oh well, baby stepsScott Mollett California USAI love your blog. My only complaint is that Timster is a childs name and from reading your writing you are definitly a man…

  7. Fuc – Thanks for the compliment and the comment!I have always perhaps cared too much for other people…a weakness sometimes. Like taking in strays.and, I could be a woman…you never know…hahaha

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