Shhhhh…Not now

I can’t be bothered with posting today…I’m reading.

Just got my copy of Mark Twain’s newest book…an autobiography.  Volume One.  Amazing so far.  I had no idea how much money he spent on that damned automatic type-setting invention.  And his reflections of London(of 125 years ago) are priceless.  Just started it and can’t put it down…already a third of the way this huge volume of well over 700 pages.  

Don’t miss it if you can.


6 thoughts on “Shhhhh…Not now

  1. Hairy – Or Ezra Pound, Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, Father Coughlin…ah, I long for the days when a cigar was a cigar, and and anti-semite was regarded as someone with common sense!

  2. Just a friendly reminder to watch your flouride intake. I saw a the Clark Pershing Bridge collapse from the steelmill emissions back in 1969. The section that gave way was above a smokestack belching out flouride and other noxious fumes. Also it harms fetal developement and may be the reason your son is gay.

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