Trusting Souls…

A lot is going on out here…and it isn’t all good. I’m not talking about the yiddish hand either.

What I want to address is the infighting among us.
Jeff Rense is the latest to be outed. Before him it was Mike Rivero. Before him it was Alex Jones. Before him it was David Duke. Before him it was Henry Makow. Before him it was Amy Goodman. Before her it was Noam Chomsky. Before him it was David Icke. And on and on…ad vomitorium. I am leaving out hundreds of such squabbles. This doesn’t even address the little lists that we all personally keep…just the ones that are published out here.

Maybe someone should keep a running list, that we can all check before we surf. Or…

Perhaps we should examine this whole thing a bit more deeply. Trust. My mother once told me “never trust anyone. Not even me.”

On the surface that seems harsh. And it is, if you view trust as an intrinsically good thing. But if you view it as it should be seen, it only makes sense…or rense…whichever the case may be. Trust is a human frailty. Trust is giving part of yourself to another human. You are making a closed door contract with someone that, in most cases, you have no idea about their full mental processes. It is the zenith of intellectual laziness. You are giving another flawed human the right to somehow become part of you. To speak for you. You entrust a part of your personality to reside in this other person, so it’s a small wonder that if they don’t behave entirely in the fashion that you wish, you are crushed. You are angry. You feel betrayed and taken advantage of. But who is to blame? There is a lot of talk out here about “sheeple”. Helllllooooo? ” Pot, I would like you to meet kettle”.
This may sound a little psychobabbly, but to me it is just a fact of life. It’s that old “fool me once, shame on you…” thingy. But a step further.
There is nothing wrong with the fact that you can align with another human’s views. But that is an entirely external process. If two lines in space(not to get too algebraic) are parallel, then they are. They are not forced to be. They just are…until they are not. Q.E.D.
Jeff Rense cannot MAKE you believe that there is a world-wide Muslim threat. David Icke cannot MAKE you believe that the head gal in England is actually a shape-shifting lizard Queen from outer space. Mike Rivero cannot MAKE you believe that Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Amy Goodman cannot MAKE you believe that the USA is a democracy. Henry Makow cannot MAKE you believe in Illuminati-Freemason plots…and on and on.
You make these decisions. These blogger “gods” cannot hide any evil agendas from you, when all they have to communicate with you is the written word. Can they? Either you agree with them on important issues, or you don’t. If you do, read them…don’t “follow”, or “trust” them. If you don’t…move on.
I guess I don’t like the anger. It is counterproductive and time/effort wasting. Especially this emotion directed at those that fail us… intentionally or otherwise.
Not trusting anyone but yourself( and even in that case, I know I cannot trust myself around a tall big-boobed woman) can seem cold and calculating, I understand. But when you think about the multifaceted thing that is the human psyche, you begin to understand that for even TWO of these weird beings to be entirely compatible(notwithstanding the trouble-and-strife) would be approaching the realms of astronomical improbability.
I know, you are saying to yourself…”but they are spreading lies and disinformation!”. So? Isn’t that what we are all fighting out here? Lies? Jeff is just another one. Move on. OR…don’t place so much hope in another human in the first place? Just keep battling for what YOU believe in. There are enough COMMON goals among us to filter out those seeking to dis-inform or to feed their preening egos.
But for the record again…and so you will never feel “betrayed” by me or my site…I hold the following, to be truths from which I will not retreat, nor or be dissuaded:

*All jews are not evil; but behind most evil, you will find a jew(thanks Chucky).

*All religion, along with war and history…is bunk.

*I believe in me…only…and even then, I have doubts.

*I do not believe in divine intervention…for good or bad.

*I like old movies. Especially Ingmar Bergman’s.

But never TRUST me.

Just sayin…


23 thoughts on “Trusting Souls…

  1. Hey Timster,…You'll never be conned by someone you don't trust.All religion and wars and history is bunk – totally concur.Faith however, is about trust; trust is a game you play with people you admire for the things you see in them that you wish you were or had. Problem with the game is the amount you invest in the 'play'.Only a player can win or lose in the game of trust.So, twist or hold?veritas

  2. Hey Timster,I don't trust you man, trust me when I say that………….. and around and around it goes. It is in your heart sir, if it feels right, it is right. Could you elaborate on why you think David Icke is outed??? I see little wrong with his work, yes, he has some way out ideas, don't we all (and I ain't talkin' about the elizardbeth thing here, for that I believe is most likely true. What I do feel dismayed about quite often, is the fighting that goes on within the realms of US, me, you and all the souls that give out researchable info, now that ain't good, so, ok, some of them are not 100 percent for real, but, what is the alternative???? MSN???? As I see things, the likes of Rense, Rivero (not Jones) are gonna be useful to all the tired and fed up brothers and sisters who are wakening slowly to what is really happenin'' as they mature in their new found freedom, they will be capable of identifying the true from the half true. So, in conclusion I would say that Rense and Rivero serve a purpose in the short term, by the time our new recruits reach the likes of you, Les, DM, Chucky, Noor, Veritas and so many more, to many to mention, they wil have discovered for themselves that some truthers are useful in the short term. Your thoughts on David Icke would be much appreciated though!!!! Not that I would trust a word you say though you understand!!!Keep it comin' Timster, you are on a roll, I mean that, even if you don't trust me(grin) by the way…. here here

  3. Steve – I don't trust you enough to tell you what I think…hahaha.Nah. I have read very little of him, except the shape-shifting things. Turned me off…don't have time to waste. Ok for Sci-fi…but.It seems to me that trust is what "sheeple" are all about. Willingness to shut down(dumb down) a portion of their brains and let someone else tell them what is happening in the world. Just laziness to me.

  4. Many thanks Timster for the link. Cheers Steve also for including my name in a list of far better writers.The only one I avoid like the plague is Jones. He has pulled too many pranks (like the Sheen interview). I can see both sides of the argument in the Rense/Glen case. Hopefully tempers will cool as division in the ranks only assists our enemy.Interesting video Strawman. I wasn’t aware of Dr Pearce’s work.

  5. Icke was writing about jews and calling them lizard people. It is sad how many people don't catch that on their own. David Icke was almost mainstream and was trying to protect his job with the lizard stuff.Think about it, he blamed everything the jews are doing on lizards. It is not hard to figure out.Scott Mollett

  6. Scott – Maybe he should be a bit lesscryptic about it? I think it went over everyone's head…it did mine. Specially the part where he says that the royal family of the UK are Nazis…

  7. Hey Timster,…Steve cheers, brother; Scott, I had no idea he was referring to the yids when he talked about lizards – it seems to be a rubbery interpretation considering his 'Alien' theories. In my book Icke gained a timely following when that whole alien genre became popular subsequent to the release of movies like “Close encounters…”, “Starman” etc. I was enthralled with Icke for a short time, because he was selling the conspiracy meme, however, as I learned more, Icke became less relevant and obtuse where the reality of the threat was imminent; Banksters, False-flag murder, Fluoride, Swine flu etc. Jones is the P.T Barnum of the ‘truth industry’, which is as divorced from the real concerned Bloggersphere as the MSM and ALL about the money; Jones is a talk-show host on big bucks. Rivero, has a sense of humour and again annoys me like Icke when he constantly bemoans his poverty.The truthers I admire and respect never mention getting paid or whine about their piety.Also, (here he goes again), debate, whether heated or not is essential to the process of paring down the message and stream-lining the presentation; I have had-it-out with a few people here in bloggerland, the frauds fade away or fail to substantiate their information, the true believers step up and march on.Has Rense ever blamed the yids for 9/11?Has Jones ever been independent of the system?Has Icke ever explained where he sources his information regarding the lizard accusations?A.P was put on the spot recently for a statement on her site and immediately did the research and provided material support for her opinions: That is what true believers do!I believe we can win, I do not believe victory will be achieved by ‘playing nice’!Remember our enemy routinely and with callous disregard, rape and murder children for personal gratification and profit – they are not going to get one iota of mercy from me, if I am one of the first through the doors of the Bastille!I am a pretty competitive guy, so when we breach the Barricade, you’d better be quick on your feet if you want to restrain me from kicking arses in the Presidential Palace!Free Palestine!Then we Free Washington! Then we Free London and Paris and Toronto and Canberra…Palestine is the first Domino.veritas

  8. You can quote that freely as it is patented under an Open Pubic license as mentioned previously. Any similarity to the living or dead is deliberate.Every now and again I experience a temporary relapse from my chronic verbal diarrhea. Each gem should be polished and preferably cast in gold as we know the dwarves/jews worship such things. Not worried about the white thing but not impressed by it either. No taboos folks just don’t get too hung up in it.

  9. Chucky – Well, as Bill said "brevity is the soul of wit".Well the "white" thing. It's a trap set for us Caucasians that want to remember a nether-world of our childhood in which we believed we were the rulers of the planet with our pie and crew-cuts. People are just people…there should be no pride in diversity. Then there are jews…that stir the cultural stew while they sit on their self-constructed throne watching us fight it out….sheesh…I mean how dumb can one be to fall for this shit?

  10. V pretty much nailed it. I don’t like his style (as we well know V) but a little anger is maybe the missing ingredient. Come the storming we’ll be side by side. I may get the odd ‘bon mot’ but we need results. I have a book on archaeology where ancient Egyptian beads were found in a burial mound in Ireland -What is race? Does that mean we can invade Egypt? Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread. We stand or we fall. Crap like that is a diversion like so many others.There is no trust on the ‘interweb’. I’m a crack whore granny if that is what gets results. Vigilance is paramount and your article should be a timely reminder. Beware your best friend in this medium. The bell tolls and we will answer as best we can. Icke meant the Lizards to be lizards. I remember the purple suited son of god – or so the tabloids called him. If he can call Liz a lizard – he can call a jew, a jew. He means it literally. I don’t know for a fact but my feeling is as with AJ – he’s a showman. When was the last time he publically credited ANYONE else with a thought?V word =lizerp – priceless

  11. I hate to harp on about this guys….. but, Ickes theory on the reptilian agenda is well documented, I have read most of his books and I have to say it is very heavy going at times, but is that not how we learn??? Chucky, how could I, or anyone else not mention you in a roll of honours list, same goes for you Veritas, I come here for 2 reasons, to read the man (Timster) and to read the comments that you two and a few others leave. We are a family, we are united in one goal, we want a human race that is as wonderful as this little planet we have the privelige of existing on….. and we will have exacty that. Funny thing is, although they may not know it, the Rense's Rivero's and even to a certain degree, the Jones' ultimately contribute to the liberation of all the kind souls that are here on this tiny spinning ball that is earth. I will always dispute remarks about Icke being anything but honest because it was him who started me on the road to the truth, it was him who urged everyone to refuse the swine flu vaccine, it was him who first exposed the Rothschild dynasty. As I said earlier……..everyone serves a purpose on the road to truth and love………… Bless you Palestine, and everywhere else that the vermin have been, be assured, it is almost over, we will all meet in paradise…… wow we live in paradise already, just needs a good clean!!!Timster, You got any bleach there man????? Sure you have, it is your pen.Love your work.Steve B

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