The Truth…

While talking to a friend recently…one who is congruent to my way of thinking about the world, something occurred to me.

You are in a prison cell. You are awaiting execution for high crimes against the state. You are in a heap of trouble…so to speak. Your damned conscience got you here…Your “principles”. You have gotten too close to what you believe to be the truth of things. TJPTB have had enough of you. You think to yourself…”well, it was a worthwhile fight. A battle of integrity”.
But just before you are executed, you are given the rare privilege to speak to power. To see the beast. To defile him verbally for all he has done to the world…and to you. You are ushered into a room in which one of his minions is laughing as you start your tirade…but you are stopped by the cackling of your nemesis.
“You don’t know shit”…he says as his laughter slowly subsides. “You think you know why you are about to die…but you don’t.”

I know. Pretentious. Melodramatic. A silly scenario. More like a cheap post-apocalypse B flick. But a salient point remains. What DO you know. What DO you suspect. What are you going to do about it?

Many of us out here in the alternative media believe that our stabs in the relative dark are hitting the mark. We think we are getting to the heart of evil and we are making a difference. We know that we are a thorn in the side of judaism/zionism and we are twisting that thorn in the wounds that we inflict to cause as much pain as possible, ostensibly to bring the beast into the light. To make him fight back tipping his hand and be thereafter exposed to the cleansing sunshine of truth. I’m not so sure that that is what’s happening. I dunno.

What I feel as if I am doing here…is more for me than against anything. It’s important for me, as I am sure it is you…that as The Who said, “We won’t get fooled again”. That’s a huge thing for me. Not to be fooled. Not to be taken in by someone with a hidden agenda. I HATE liars. And I cannot stand to be manipulated. I think that is at the heart of quite a lot of any type of rebellion. Beyond not agreeing with the PTB and their plans for continuous wars and subjugation of masses of people…I refuse to be in that mass.
I’m sure there is a Freudian classification for this attitude that a lot of us have. Fool-a-phobia. Liar-a-phobia. Paranoid schizophrenia…something. Or maybe “dignity”. It’s anyone’s call.

I have found that it is a relatively rare condition. But to me, too many daily decisions that we make are based in preconceived notions that are founded in political propaganda and corporate lying. Just the other day I read a AP article carried by my local paper, singing the praises of GM corn seeds. The article explained what a wonderful discovery it is that these seeds are genetically modified to repel insects, saving the farmer and hence the consumer 90 gazillion dollars a year(or some such unimaginable number). However, of course, not one word was mentioned in the article about the quality or safety of said corn.
Even a cursory search of any genetically modified anything, will elucidate the dangers. A child can understand that this is just not a very good idea for the consumer. But fuck the consumer, right? It’s all about jewish Monsanto profits, and commodity market investments. However the “truth” of the matter is not given to the consumer.
Of course I see this ignoble attitude toward the consumer and toward humanity in general, as a talmudic ethic. Many don’t yet. They will. When the TRUTH comes out.


11 thoughts on “The Truth…

  1. Timster take a brown paper and and chill. They (jew shrinks) can and will invent any bloody syndrome the wish when they want. Deliberately Disobedient Disorder (DDD) ior some other such pish, whatever.Voices of opposition are like candles in the dark – they make a difference. I don’t know about your place but I’m seeing a little headway here. PS stop watching the MSM its bad for you (grin)

  2. Hey Timster,…I think the truther crew, are having some influence, I don't think the yid PTB give a toss though, their arrogance is the only thing that allows them to let us exist, I'm sure.That they use a heap of cash from the mountain of cash they rob from the juSA and glean from their usurious bankstering and money printing interests is incidental.It is a piss in the ocean compared to the cost of one D.U.M.B.None the less, we do each other a lot of good, sort of like the kids of The Dead Poets Society. A shared communion of the senses, finding comradely succour in each other’s existence; a sense of well-being knowing that somewhere beyond the distant horizon, there is a fellow-sufferer…Oh, Chuckyman, gosh darned it, just yesterday when I was at the allopathic medicine-man’s offices (appointment 11:30ayem – actual seven minute consultation – 1:04peeyem!!!, rude fuckers!) anyhoo, fuck me if after making a crack about the life-long dependence he has given me for arthritis medication "Praise the allopathic medicine gods" I said as he started to scribble the script. He stopped writing, looked up at me as though I had just told him that I didn’t have the bread for the consultation and asked if I was still seeing a psychiatrist, as I am definitely showing signs of an ongoing dissociative issues – perhaps it's DDD™, I should have ventured!Doc, maybe I’ve got Deliberately Disobedient Disorder™ (DDD™ and any other device associated with the Brand is held under the sole copyright of ‘Chuckyman Medicinals Pty Ltd’ traders in all useless addictive things allopathic where a mild buzz and a state of “feeling no pain” is prescribed for a sheeple).The next time someone gives me 'that look' as I utter an anonymous opinion in the check-out line, I’ll say, "DDD™".“What?”“DDD™, Deliberately Disobedient Disorder™, it’s an acquired medical issue I caught when I was on R&R in Bangkok when I was in the Army.”“Oh?”Ching$$ ching$$"see ya.""yeah, whatever."veritasDDD™ sufferer since 2010

  3. Great points made in this piece. I've recently began a blog to write about this Zionist conspiracy and what I've learned since discovering it, more for myself than for anyone else (every single person I have tried exposing this information to thinks I'm crazy and obsessive). Either way, keep up the good work. It certainly helps getting things off your chest and letting the world know that you will not be a part of this criminal enterprise or fall prey to the ridiculous propaganda and deception.

  4. I fart on their old world chaos shitstem. It is a loud cheek flapping ass rippler. I hold it in no regard. I have no emotional investment in it. I drop out tune out and I am free.

  5. Friend – Thanks and good for you! We always need more people out here blogging the truth. After reading your front page, I am heartened and see that you are going to be an asset!(if we can just get you to drop the 4 jews you mentioned…hahaha)

  6. Feel free to use on all public and private occasions as it’s patented under an Open Pubic license (grin). I spoke too soon in jest – check this out for the latest in shrinkwrap in CCTV land I’ve been ODD for as long as I can remember. LOL

  7. Timster- Oh just wait, I will be blogging about the 4 Jews I mentioned in my introductory piece and the Fake Left. Although each of those writers have at times put out good information, it is ultimately a distraction from the truth. I got started on this whole endeavor because 9/11 is soooo obvious, and once I finally put all the pieces together and realized that it was an Isreali/Jewish operation (as opposed to an American operation, like many in the 9/11 Truth movement claim), everything started clicking. The entire conspiracy. Daryl Bradford Smith at has been a huge help with all the historical research he has on his site documenting the Zionist conspiracy. Hope all is well, and thanks for giving my site a visit.

  8. Friend – Hey…it just dawned on me. John Friend….johnny friendly…I get it. "On The Waterfront". Duh. I am slow, but I get there in the end.Whew. Glad to see that you are no fool. Yes D.B. Smith has got it right…on so many levels. Stick with him and you can't go wrong. I am looking forward to your posts!I just put you on my blogrole. I am expecting BIG things from you…

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