Theirs and Ours…

I ran across this vid that was leaked by a great group in the UK called conspiracy for good. Even if “good” is a subjective term, I’ll take my chances with grassroots before I drink tea with the Koch brothers. If it is as it appears, it’s a promotional video to be shown to lawmakers, lobbying for support for a “patriot act” bit of legislation in the UK. You Brits will have to call me on any of this that I have gotten muddled. But as I understand it, this company(which I have done a little research on and found to be of jewish origin) wants a big sweet government contract to spy. Spy on people with high-tech equipment that gives the police more power to intimidate the masses. This of course will appeal to politicians…but just watch the video. If it doesn’t spook you out as a 1984ish nightmare(not withstanding the guy’s disgusting teeth…Geeze dental care isn’t THAT damned expensive!), then there is something seriously wrong with you mentally.

Supposedly the company from whom this vid was stolen, intends to prosecute. But the damage is already done:

URGENT: Statement regarding The Pirate Bay and The Conspiracy For Good
On the 18th of May 2010, a group of individuals identified as the Conspiracy For Good acted as cyber-terrorists and stole a piece of Blackwell Briggs video that was intended solely for UK government officials. The material was subsequently leaked to the public via The Pirate Bay.
Purporting to be “Robin Hoods of the Internet,” the people behind the so-called Conspiracy For Good are not just mischief-makers, they are criminals. They compromise the free market, attack personal privacy, and mock intellectual property.
Blackwell Briggs assures you that substantial measures have been taken to arrest these frauds and felons.
Blackwell Briggs
This is the kind of monkey-wrenching that I have been talking about lately in my posts. I mean think about it. “ They compromise the free market, attack personal privacy, and mock intellectual property”. Now these are MY kind of people! And quite frankly, even allowing that the UK is about the size of Mississippi, I am jealous. Jealous of these people’s intent, fortitude and commitment. Perhaps the US is too big? Perhaps we are too scared? Perhaps we are too comfortable…or dependent. Whatever the reason, it isn’t good enough. There are thousands of companies in this country that need this kind of negative exposure. Not on the 6 o’clock news, but out here on the web. They need to actively infiltrated, hacked and exposed… just as CFG is doing in Britain. We here in the States could take a lesson from you about your resolve.

As I said it is a much smaller country and less protest can make a bigger impact, however, I see a no BS type attitude in a larger segment of the English population that they should be proud of.
And this activity isn’t even coming from the techies out there that I have formally challenged to help bring down our big(jewish)brother. Just imagine what can be done when we join hands across the water, as the jewish bankers did a long time ago, in a multi-national effort to get at them where they live.

I know, I go on and on about this, but to me it is the endgame. It is what is necessary now. Their grip on this world is tightening. It has to be broken now.


8 thoughts on “Theirs and Ours…

  1. Hey Timster,…Getting stronger everyday brother, shake off those flu shackles and 'FIGHT', heh heh heh!You know it is an inspiration to me to see the dedication that my colleagues devote to their work; thankless, save for the remote possibility that one’s perceptions are accurate and warranted; to thwart a monstrous evil – an unseen host on the verge of some terrible event horizon: I tip my hat to you sir.Keep up the fight good sir, keep up the ‘Good Fight’ Sir!veritasP.S. Hey Timster, we have this stuff here in Rothschalia called 'Lemsip', it's a powder formulation that you add to hot water; it contains flu and headache drugs and trust me; it fucking rocks! Given that the Big Pharma yids are all over the place, I guess you might be able to get this shit there!? Do it Dood!

  2. Good luck to find a tech company that is not owned by a Jew. Majority of these companies are owned by Jews or have only Jewish employees. You need only one Jew in a crowd of thousands to start a riot. They are that good in defamation.

  3. Timster,Are you aware of this?—The Nokia – Blackwell Briggs – Conspiracy For Good – Crap Viral Campaign… I recently became aware of some horrible-ness on Youtube that warranted further investigation. I don’t profess to be an expert on viral marketing, but if I was going to create a viral video campaign, it would be NOTHING like this monstrosity from Nokia….This video was supposedly leaked from “security company” Blackwell Briggs in May 2010. Nokia even set up a fake Twitter account.Read the rest: Behind the Scenes of Blackwell-Briggs in Mainframe LiberatorThere’s a new app in Ovi Store, related to the Conspiracy For Good campaign, that invites you to hack into the systems of a greedy multinational corporation and steal their secrets! Are you up for the challenge? Then you need to try Mainfame Liberator, and see if you can help the cause by extracting important – and secret – information from the Blackwell-Briggs servers.Read the rest: for Good: Into the Belly of the Beast to Confront Blackwell Briggs…Conspiracy for Good can best be described as an amalgamation of an alternate reality game, a street theater show, and a social movement. Players have been charged with the task of bringing down Blackwell Briggs, an evil global security firm with a penchant for kidnapping and skullduggery. Players willing to risk attracting Blackwell Briggs’ ire joined up with the Conspiracy for Good, an organization of socially-minded individuals committed to opposing the company’s excess.Read the rest:'ve been punked, Timster! What this sort of thing does is to make real conspiracies like The Jewish Utopia look like a hoax too.

  4. Count – No. I was not aware of it! Thanks for the info and links. Sorry this is late, but your comment for some reason showed up as spam. Didn't get it till just now…wish it had been sooner. Again thanks.

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