Show Me…

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and have stumbled across a few great articles. One that really impressed me was written by Sibel Edmonds over at boiling frogs. It addresses words versus activism…and reminded me of that song that Audrey Hepburn sang in “My Fair Lady”.

The song was “Show Me”…I think. Kind of risque for the time when you think about it. Anyway, it’s much like Ms. Edmond’s point. There are many out here writing against the machine. Quite a few of us have the cahones to name the beast, but we all write. Scribbling…scribbling. As she notes, every movement needs it’s writers, it’s journalists…it’s poets. But we have so few activists. People out there putting their faces to their words. And I am not necessarily talking about protesters. Carrying placards and marching up and down outside the latest scheming yiddish bankster’s place of business is one thing. Getting the bastard prosecuted is another.

I wouldn’t take this kind of criticism of blogging against the monster from anyone but someone of Sibel’s caliber. She IS an activist. AND a blogger. She is sticking it in the face of the devil himself. Few out here can say we are making that kind of impact.
If you aren’t aware of her story, please do some research and get behind this gal. Believe me, she knows a lot more than she has told so far. In a nutshell, she was a government translator that worked on several sensitive projects and garnered a wealth of information on our foreign policy, of which she feels the public should be aware. From nuclear secrets being sold to congress-critters being blackmailed…she has it all. And working within the system she is spilling it all.

Of course, she has more documented information to attest to than most of us. But she is not wasting a bit of effort JUST blogging about it. She is testifying. She is talking to the press. She is being censored and discriminated against and generally treated like any whistle-blower should expect. But it is not stopping her.

Her article calls for more activism, and I concur. As I tried to cover in my “manifesto”...real things need to be done in these real times. “They” are active. We, for the most part, are scribbling. I am humbled by her efforts.

Even though her article was written a few months ago, this was the first time I had seen it, and it was a bit of a happy accident just finding it. I’m sure the blogoshpere felt a little embarrassed by it, if it was widely read at all. But it needs to be.

Her efforts so far as I have followed them have artfully danced around israhell(although they are mentioned heavily in some of her testimony), she is careful, I think to avoid the anti-semitism stigma in reporting the facts as she knows them, letting the chips fall. I would love to talk to her off the record and find out how much of the hebrew double-dealing she has yet to uncover.

Scoot on over there and read it. Read her blog.
As Audrey says “This is no time for a chat”.

Just sayin…


8 thoughts on “Show Me…

  1. Hey Timster,…Nice sentiment; with the likes of Jane Burgermeister and Sybil Edmonds it would appear the we mere males are being left in the wake by "The Ride of The Valkyries", or perhaps "A little less conversation, a little more action, please!"Many here in antipodean rothschalia, are of the same mind, infact; in only the last 24hrs we have managed to 'agree to a meeting some time in November' of truther 'factions' who are not normally engaged by more than the polite nod at guest speaker events and so forth – things are looking up?I have never been one to suffer ceremony other than that which defines the intent of a particular group; morale and motivation, collective single-mindedness etc. However, I do believe it is time to formalise some manner of a resistance network that has a physical dynamic rather than the passive/aggressive 'expressions' of the disgruntled poets' society."The time has come, the walrus said…"Nice to see you are feeling better dear, up and about wot?veritas

  2. You’re right Timster and I have nothing but respect for the lady. There’s no need for us to start hoarding Molotov cocktails just yet but we need to start putting a rocket up their arses. Most bloggers couldn’t tie their shoelaces in a tight corner but what we can do is start making a bloody noisy nuisance of ourselves.I came across this wee video today afterr having a parallel wee chat over at my place recently. small and it will grow. Sibel is absolutely right – the time for education is over. I personally am not as pessimistic as others. In recent experience I have found some surprisingly positive reactions recently in the people I have met and talked with. Maybe the reason Blogger has not shut us down is that we are a safety valve – a talking shop. We’re no real threat at the moment. The hardest part with any job is the starting. Time to start is here.

  3. Veritas – Count me in! Where and when?Yeah, well…up…not too much around. This is one HELL of a cold. Probably engineered in a Monsanto lab somewhere…now I'm gettin paranoid.

  4. Chucky – I like the "rockets up their arses" bit. Thanks for the link. I can't believe there aren't enough techies out here with us, that we can't create one hell of a nuisance.

  5. Sibel should keep a high profile as possible and avoid small propeller driven airplanes and not let anyone who is not family prepare food. Browser is on paranoid have to go with anonymous. Words and ideas are bulletproof that is why tyrants fear them so much. So scribble and then scribble some more go until carpal tunnel develops.

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