A Cold…

I should write something today. I don’t feel much like it. Don’t feel too wise. I have one of those fall colds and the world is too much with me. I feel factions pulling my sleeves…this way and that. I don’t want to go anywhere. I’m happy enough where I am. I guess. Except for this damned cough.

Listened to some guy named Sanchez laugh about jews being and oppressed minority, after he called some guy named Stewart a bigot. I dunno. I don’t watch teevee. Disconnected. Out of the loop. The sky is that transparent blue that comes around in Autumn. When the sun is shining just right, it’s like looking at a piece of blue construction paper through clear water. Pretty.

Anyway, back to factions. I can’t completely disconnect, like Carlin pretended to be. I can’t bow down to any voodoo gods. Everyone wants me to be something I’m not. But enough about me. A friend of mine is going to wear a rabbi costume for Halloween. I can’t think of a scarier costume at this juncture in our world’s history. I am sure it’ll be like watching a clown. I always hated clowns. Scary. I think their is even a phobia dedicated entirely to the fear of these spooky characters. Clownaphobia? Rabbiaphobia? Jewaphobia? I dunno. You have probably figured out that I don’t have anything earth-shaking to say right now…as if I ever did. Just some cold-induced obs.

There is something about the common cold. Mentally is narrows your focus to your nose or your lungs or wherever it happens to reside at the moment. Everything else is otherworldly. Kind of a floating around type of consciousness. Y’know? Or maybe it’s the OTC cold remedies you take, (keeping some drug company jew in an 8-figure salary bracket) that makes your brain kinda soft for a few days. I think if you wanted to stop an entire army from advancing on your outpost, the most effective thing that you could do would be to give them all a head cold. Nothing seems more important when you have one of these, than just laying down and moaning with a tissue clutched in one hand. “Nah, Sarge…We’ll go over the hill tomorrow, when I’m feeling better”.

Why do all rabbis basically look alike? They all look like Woody Allen. Do they try to do that? Look like a guy that stole everything he ever performed, from Bob Hope? I could think of better people to emulate…but I guess most child-molesters don’t really care what they look like. Man, this cold is getting bad.

So many things happening out there and all I can think about is blue construction paper and Woody Allen?

We’ll get em tomorrow, Sarge…when I’m feeling better.


8 thoughts on “A Cold…

  1. Remember that movie "Zelig", that repulsive rat's' b****rd, was in?He was positioned side-stage, at every tragic (for Humans) period in modern history.See what it did there? They're funny huh?Get well soon.Cannibal Rabbi.

  2. Hey Timster,…Hah, as I was reading I noticed the yid so I scrolled down to see it, I thought, that looks like woody allen; then stuff me, as my reading caught up with my scrolling – wham you call this guy on his likeness to the little child-molester. Coooeee!Get well soon.veritas

  3. I'ma go drink some Sunday beer (Newcastle), have a reefer and listen to Guitarzan tear off some hot licks. You do something similar and feel better. Do good be good.

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