I like the people that watch Jon Stewart. Seriously. They are diamonds in the rough. They are intelligent. They are not afraid to question authority. They are willing to see the absurd in politics and world affairs. They generally do not watch the jew-tube. They can be turned like a Cornish game hen on a spit. For good or evil. They have that much space in their plenum persona. Jon and his handlers also like them. They see the same potential. That’s where the tussle begins. The tug-of-war for their attention…their loyalty…their minds.

But this is more than a picnic game we are playing out here. It’s their park…their pic-a-nic basket. And here in these pleasant surroundings with our little rope-pulling game, lives are at stake. Serious money is at stake. Integrity is at stake.

It is easy to dismiss this little sawed-off smart-assed jew as a mere comedian. Just another, like Bill Maher, Woody Allen, or any number of other corporate front men that sell a Marxist agenda with a chuckle. But as with every effort that the tribe makes toward control of the Gentile mind…it pushes just a little harder than the last.

This time their funny-man is particularly adept at using political correctness as his invisible straight man. As he mugs and takes in front of the pictures by his talking head, he is telling these people( that I told you that I liked up there somewhere), that they must agree with his point of view…and selling it with a homey joke that brings them into his fold. You don’t have time to analyze, you have no rebuttal. This is NOT a conversation. Your opinion doesn’t matter. You just go along with the joke. The jab. The punch in the face of almost anything you held in esteem, before the Daily Show began.

If you can laugh with this motherfucker…then you can agree. Simple.

Ok. So what? The tribe has always had these comedians from hell trotting out the Trotsky, you might say. But within the slow pace of increments, they have produced one seriously dangerous horse’s-ass this time.

“Leibowitz Incorporated” has taken this hubris one step further. Now they are plying their trade in the street. It is no longer an “entertainment” that you can turn off. You aren’t softened with prompted laughter and applause….this is the real world. The dirty world where the people that I say I like will have time to see these jokes for what they are. Corporate propaganda. He is selling you something folks. He is saying that anyone that doesn’t buy his product, are to be ridiculed. Ridiculed with some of the best humor that jewish money can buy. And he is the mouthpiece. And too many are laughing with him. Dangerous.

If you, the people I like…think for one moment that this jerk is what he pretends…that he is just an every-guy like you, seeing harmless folly in the world around you…folly to be joked about, then forgotten. You have been trapped.

Of course you too could see this for what it is. See what need it is filling. Not a need for a tea-party. Definitely not for a revolution in any sense of the word. But a need to sedate the young intelligentsia of this nation. To dissuade them from taking any project of the tribe seriously. Laugh it off. Laugh off the Palestinian plight. Laugh off israhell. Laugh off corruption, death, monetary manipulation…It’s all just a joke right? Jon says it is. He just cracked the funniest joke about it!
This is not satire. This is the yiddish Frankfort school “everyone is subject to criticism but us”. Nothing is sacred…but the ones telling you that nothing is sacred. His rally to “restore sanity” is entirely the antithesis of that purpose. What he wants to restore is compliance. Compliance to the tribe. Wake up to this fucker and his corporate product. He is SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS…NOT seriously funny.


“The Same Great Taste of Supremacy…Without All the Blood”

It dawned on me recently that many, many of the people that read this and other “anti-semitic” blogs from the US of Israhell, do not have the same points of reference that we do.

To many of these international readers, the jewish culture is not as prevalent in their own countries as it is here. Having spent some time traveling, most recently in the UK, it occurred to me that a huge portion of “foreign” followers of the sites that emanate here from the TRUE promised land of the hebrew, live only in it’s shadow so to speak.
The garbage that we export to the rest of the world must be much akin to what the provincial lands of the Roman Empire received from the hub of that hegemonic state. So in a phrase…”you don’t understand it fully”. Not that there are many places on this globe where greedy kosher fingers do not in some way influence the local economics or media feeds, but to live in it’s center…the nucleus of judaic filth, is a different matter indeed.

Here in good old Amerika, it has gotten to the point at which our populace is beginning to understand that in their name, the world is suffering the jewish dictates of supremacy. As the Roman Emperor’s orders were carried out to the far flung outposts of that sprawling commonwealth…so too do the Amerikan Khazar’s edicts disseminate.

In stark contrast to the abattoir that is Gaza,in which there is no quarter given to even the slightest rebellion, we here in the States are participating in an entirely different kind of experiment in human subjugation. But one with the same goal…service. We wear the soft collar of domination. We are herded as sheep and the fruit of our labors reaped by the dominant jew. But we are allowed long productive lives in our yokes. The pain that this causes us is an unnamed desperation, as we are corralled gently to do the jews bidding, all the while being fed his POV in the form of the Frankfort School political correctness. The Palestinians have no value to our new leaders. Not as the Amerikans have. There are only a couple million left of them and they are merely a nuisance to be slaughtered outright, rather than be bled slowly as are the almost 400 millions of Yankee goyim. Instead of the jackboot in our faces, we suffer a half century of labor in our master’s service, before our untimely deaths.
So living here is much the same, or produces the same result, as living in the open-air prison of the Gaza strip and the West Bank of Palestine. We die at some point, for the benefit of the jew. That is why when a passerby recently asked me why I fly a Palestinian flag on my house, and was I a Palestinian?…I answered…”We are ALL Palestinians”. And we are. Here. The world. We are all suffering the jew and his bid for supremacy. Whether you are being shot by an IDF goon for tossing a stone in their direction, or slaving away at a factory for the largest part of your one-and-only life in this world, to pay taxes that are funneled to that hell-on-earth in which Gentile children live short, horrible lives…we are all learning to bow to the Rothschild house of pain, while the preachers of this inhuman religion mock us.

When it comes right down to it, I think that had I been given a choice in my younger years, and knowing what I know now…I would have chosen to be cut down early. To have been spared the labor ,the desperation and the humiliation of knowing that my work in life was to used to harm others. But that’s just me. And I’m just sayin…

In Jeopardy…

“I’ll take “unusually short, culturally dangerous jewish comedians pushing a zionist/marxist agenda and capturing the imagination of the intelligent youth in America” for $100, please Art”.

“The answer is Johnathan Stewart Leibowitz”

do-do-do…do-do dum…

Buzz…””Who is Woody Allen?”

“No, that would be Allen Stewart Konigsberg”…now I will open it up to the rest of the panel”


Buzz…”Who is Jack Benny?”

” No, that would be Benjamin Kubelsky”

Buzz…” Who is Mel Brooks?”

No, I’m sorry…that would be Melvin Kominsky”

Buzz..”Who is Mort Sahl?”
“nope, Morton Lyon Sahl”
Buzz..”Who is Gene Wilder?”
“nope, Jerome Silberman”
Buzz..”Who is Milton Berle?”
“nope, Milton Berlinger”
Buzz…”Who is Lenny Bruce?”
“nope, Leonard Alfred Schneider”…”I’m afraid we could go on like this for hours…

“time is up…I’m going to reveal the question…who is Jon Stewart”

Circus Minimus…

This is going to be another one of those rambling things.  You could skip it altogether and still appear in polite society without having read it, and no one being the wiser.

So much is happening out there that I don’t want to touch.  Maybe a jab or two. But generally speaking, enough is being said about these items already.  And I am no expert. 
Soros is backing the legalize mary-hoochie bill in my home state.  To the tune of 20 mil or so.  Scares the shit outta me.  When a jew of that calibre gets behind anything supposedly “grass-roots”(pun intended), it’s gotta tell you there is trouble brewing.  I never cared for pot myself.  Too bulky to pack around with you.  You have smoke a ton of it to get the same feeling that a double Chivas will give you.  But that’s just me.

Demos met the 9/11 truthers in the UK.  For those of you that don’t keep up with truthers…like me…this “think tank” has written a piece entitled “The Power of Unreason”.  Sounds like something a think tank would come up with.  I read it.  I must honestly say that I cannot disagree with their conclusions.  To paraphrase, they surmise that there is one hell of a bunch of people out there that see conspiracy constantly.  I agree. They are there for even the dullest mentality to see. They also say that it is having the effect of tearing this world apart at the seams.  I also agree with this.  And more power to the theorists.  That tells me that we are doing our job.  Unlike the tank-people that are paid to diffuse us like a Vegas “cooler” is sent down to stop a streak of good luck.  It is apparently their mission to deliver the message to us all, that what we see, isn’t really there.  And as Kev Boyle put it…do so with 42 sylable phrases.  This reminds me of the “talking points” training that the IDF and the Mossad use for their conscripts to troll with.

well, you do make a point…but shouldn’t we be focusing on…blah, blah,blah…”

Anyway, again we see the hebrew hand behind all this.  Whether it’s Georgie-boy Soros…or some “Lord” Cohen or Shapiro…”the moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on”.

So what else do we have?  Foreclosure-gate.  The less I say about that the better…although it’s fun to watch bankers squirm.  I once closed a letter to a banker with the quote: “bankers, like good tea, can only be appreciated when they are in hot water” .  He thought it was funny.  I know people that work in banks…and mortgage houses.  They are just folks trying to pay their own mortgages.  We never get to see the REAL bankers.  Except that guy in the gym that recognized one of them from a grilling on C-span, and punched him in the face.  I would like to see more of that.  Broken banker noses.  It does the heart good.

Jews are still killing Palestinians.  The Rense thing is heating up and people are choosing sides( I don’t think I would want Makow on my side, but that’s just me)…as if we don’t have enough to concentrate on here.  Sheesh, people.  Get with the program.  This is a circus out here.  We have bigger fish to fry.