Forgive me my earlier patriotism rant.  It was true to my feelings, but intentionally a bit sophomoric…a little pedestrian in nature.  Sometimes I like to vent, and in the raging voice that readers expect.  I promised I wouldn’t do that.  See what I did there?

I have been listening to a lot of Eustace Mullins lately, and I dunno.  I loved the guy.  He had a way of speaking that just drew you in and let you feel that there are no stupid questions. I will miss him. Kinda like that nice old guy that you wish now that you had more time for when you were a kid.  He worked at the grocery or the fire station, and you would marvel at his tales of war or big bands or living out of a truck on the way to California.  Were his tales true?  Who knows…it doesn’t matter.  He was true.

My Mother used to describe people like that as ones that “were in love with the sound of their own voice”.  And that can be a good or a bad thing.  When you listen to the talking heads in the media, or Alex Jones or Mike Rivero, you can get a mouthful of the bad taste for that particular proclivity.  But when you listen to Twain or Mullins or even Carlin, you can see the good that this love affair with one’s own vocal chords can bring to millions.  I guess it has to do with intent.

Anyway, back to Mullins.  I loved the way he could ramble through history at warp speed, while you are trying desparately to take mental notes.  You believed him. It was as if all the proof for those uneasy feelings you have always had, were embodied in this man’s voice.  A voice of authority and experience and yet with no condescension.  Much like Joseph Campbell when he went speeding through the historical power structures of religious myth.  There are few people that can sustain my interest or trust in this world.  These are two of them.  

 I can listen to many speakers and no matter how methodical they seem, if they falter in one statement, a red light and siren goes off in my head and it drowns out anything further that they have to say.  It’s like reading an essay in which the author mentions the “holocaust” off-offhandedly  as a mere stepping stone to another bigger point…my ears go dead.  I don’t care what point they are trying to make…if they are going to reference something that I know to be a fabrication, as a fact…they have lost me.  But that’s only common sense.  You can’t lead a horse…all that.

I have been driveling on in this post and have yet to come to a point.  I write like that, as I am sure you have noticed.  

Yesterday I read an article that stated that even though the MSM has found their new HITLER in the personage of I’m-a-dinner-jacket, and are drooling to lambaste him at every turn, his latest speech at the UN in which he mentioned the possibility that the mossad was behind 9/11 and the zio-news had a field day…the alternative media on the net were strangely silent.  The article concluded that this was because these supposed websites of alternative news, were really funded and backed by the zionists themselves.  The sites that the article mentioned are probably guilty as charged.  For the rest of us out here…I don’t think that is a fair assessment.

I haven’t, and very few bloggers out here have mentioned the speech very much, because I think we have fallen out of love with this guy.  As I said up there somewhere, there are some that can sustain my interest or trust .  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not one of these.  There are too many bells going off…too many red lights flashing.  He is too good to be true. He is too much the embodiment of all that the JPTB want to demonize.  I think many out here feel that way.  Just as Adolph was a cardboard cut-out for the zionist’s  propaganda, so too does the leader of Iran strike me.  He looks like a garden path that I don’t think I want to stroll down.  But maybe that’s just me.  Maybe I have been led down too many paths.  Getting a bit gun-shy in my old age, I guess.


9 thoughts on “Gun-Shy…

  1. Hey Timster,…IMHO, you are too self-depricating, this trait is handy to keep it real, however: I'm sure I can speak for the other reader at this blog(grin) and say, you have a charismatic element to your work that makes you, in our eyes, one of those guys you mentioned.Great yarns Timster and yes, 'I'madinnerjacket' allows, stonings and the hanging of innocent children (teenage brides) – in my world just being accused of adultery by your arranged-marriage wife-beating 15 years your senior 'husband'; does not constitute damning evidence.Be cool Timster; you rock brother, the audience will let you know if you lay an egg.veritas

  2. Hey Timster,You know, the trouble I have with all these high profile personages who have started to question 9 11 is this…. why now???? why all these years after the event??? why not years ago??? It just does not add up. Something is afoot mate, not quite sure exactly what, but sure as hell something is. As for your article, all I can say is…. here here………… told ya (grin)Steve B

  3. Its all a charade. They are all in on it. The blueprint calls for a 90 percent decrease in non elite population. Chances are you are slated for demolition. How else do you explain whats happening? Nothing else makes sense. W had a way of letting the truth slip from time to time.

  4. A friend of mine came to me with questions about a YouTube she saw featuring Jesse Ventura spooling off a line. I had to ask her that very same thing until she GOT IT "Why now?? Why not several years ago??? What did he lead you around or prevent you from asking with his slick green beret training????"The Internet is becoming polluted by the garden path CIA types and you have to REALLY keep the stink-o-meter handy and full of fresh batteries. She is now a whole lot more careful to check the proffered diaper very thoroughly for the telltale smells of a load of ….. 🙂

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