5 thoughts on “Terrorism…

  1. Veritas – Oh THAT'S where I got it!…couldn't remember. I saw this vid a long time ago and couldn't remember the guy's name. Then I saw it again today…apparently at TB…borrowed the code. Hard hittin stuff. Hope she doesn't mind. And we are JUST good friends…

  2. The catch and release program the us.gov operates is a double dipping scheme where freedom is doled out to the highest bidder with the proviso that it can be revoked at anytime and anyone is framable. Thats where the victim of justice is made to pay extortion wages to a private corporation, in this case the euphemistically called Federal Rererve which operates a slave auction called free enterprise. Anyone can be a slavemaster if they rise through the ranks. Thats called democracy. I never aspired to be a slavemaster when I was growing up. I wanted to be an architect or something useful back then. Now I know my efforts served the worlds most deadly terrorist group. Now I am broke and disabled. Just like amerika.

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