Trust and Baby Steps…

This is important. After well over 200 years of this mudslide into the talmudic filth that is modern amerika and after how many years of the “not in my name” mission of which so many of us are on, we are finally reaching dry land. We have brought the innocent child that is the mainstream U.S. to the point of taking it’s first steps. It’s first waddling baby-steps toward throwing off the yoke of it’s jewish masters.
According to this here poll…and I would just bet it’s accurate…75% of the population of the U.S. of A. no longer trusts it’s federal government. Now, I hear you saying “what’s so important about this”…

If you are an old movie buff like I am, you will remember a seminal scene from a box-office smash of 1946 “The Best Years of Our Lives””. This was a movie in which an actual disabled war veteran played and won an academy award by selling a war ethic, that would today be treated with mistrust, controversy, and disgust. We have come a long way in our public perceptions of our federal government. And since we are quickly becoming aware who that band of thieves and war-mongers are in washington, we are coming closer and closer to the most all-inclusive pogrom the world has ever witnessed.

The movie was centered around how the returning soldiers of WWII were received by their American society in the late 40’s. The scene to which I refer is when Homer, the disabled vet, was struggling in his attempts to eat with the metal claws that replaced his hands at a lunch counter, an observant patron muttered a line: “look at that…a young man’s life ruined…and for nothing”. This of course started a row and several people joined in, coming to the vet’s defense. But something about the scene didn’t wash. Until that point, I don’t believe that hollyweird had ever even acknowledged the existence of someone that didn’t entirely buy into the war effort.

There was an eerie dissonant feel to the message that the movie was trying to sell. For me this was the last war movie. Even though there have been a gazillion war pics made since, this seemed to be a watermark of sorts for patriotism and it’s decline in connection with the horrors of armed conflict. They went too far then, and they have not retreated since.

But back to trust and the lack thereof. In 1946 we were fresh from defeating the jew’s latest nemesis. Each war for them that we fight is becoming less and less “patriotic”. We are losing “trust”. We are beginning to see as a nation, and even as a world that as Smedly Butler so aptly put it “war is a racket”. And a judaic one. The Gentile world will also see this. The jews that have battled to steal the reigns of power on this planet have been too obvious. Their names are sticking out like a nip-slip. A wardrobe mishap that will be their downfall. Even the most oblivious will soon begin to understand that these government “servants” all belong to that evil cult…it won’t take much thought.

So when I see an overwhelming percentage of the most duped people in history telling the jewish media that they do not trust their cousins in the national government enough to buy a used car from them…I gotta think the next baby-steps are going to be interesting indeed. From mistrust comes suspicion. From suspicion comes investigation.

This news of mistrust causes me to be more optimistic than I have ever been about the direction of our species. We won’t get where we all want to be tomorrow, but……baby steps.


2 thoughts on “Trust and Baby Steps…

  1. What is happening is the internet is laying siege to judaism.All types of sites spring up all over the world each day.Just like a castle or maybe the Romans for more than 2 years bringing garrisons and legions to Jerusalem before Titus showed up.Every night there are more fires burning around the net.The jews are getting boxed in.I'm sure the internet is why Iran hasn't been attacked.israel was a huge error.jews can't pack their carpet bag and roost somewhere else.The Romans allowed the jews 2 years to send emissaries to border countries.Not one countrywould allow the jews to come there.Not one.In the end per Josephus and the jews,some the leaders asked the Romans,"you mind if we collect our stuff and head out to the desert."To late sayeth Rome.Today they threaten with the sampson option.Threaten all you want you are stuck.Keep pushing it will end sooner than we think.

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