When Do You Grow Up?

I’m waiting. Perhaps too patiently.

This post has morphed in content several times and has come down to practicing what I preach. It is not going to be a call to “wake up”…we have all heard that too many times. It doesn’t wash. You are awake.

Those of you that are of a certain age…might want to skip this post altogether. It is not going to be addressed to you. I want to talk to the “kids”.

And when I use this word it denotes this eternal state in which you seem to happy to live. There comes a time when everyone must grow up and take responsibility. Responsibility for themselves and the world in which they live. We your parents(and heaven forbid, your grandparents) must have raised you wrong…somehow. You, even at 30-40, are still simpering children. Waiting still to be told what to do…what to think…where to work, and who to be. If I had seen even a glimmer of critical thinking in the past generation, I wouldn’t even bother writing this. But I haven’t. I see you being fed your pablum..and you eating every bite.

This is painful for us, your parents to view, and even admit that we have played some part in…this continuous day-care in which you insist on residing. You can’t be our children. You can’t be this compliant. Not when we were so determined that you live in a better world than we had. And we told you how we had called bullshit to most everything we were handed at your age. At some point we must have failed you. Maybe we tried too hard to protect you from the harshness of the world that the jew had changed. We didn’t provide you with the tools that it takes to recognize evil where you find it. Or it could be that you just wouldn’t listen. Are you listening now? Is this, your world, okey-dokey with you? I can’t imagine that it is, being born into debt slavery, enduring endless wars…corruption and hatred all glossed over with a thin veneer of jewish theatrics through which even you “children” can see. Even if you realize that this is the world that you are supposed to accept, where is that rebellion for rebellion’s sake? We, your parents got old. It happens. We got tired of the fight. But we lived in hope that you would carry on the struggle. Where is it? I see tired older people still fighting…with no help or even a glance of recognition from you. Are you that mesmerized by the spinning lights? Are you that spoiled and distracted? What have we wrought.

For instance, kids…the biggest human trafficking case ever revealed in this country goes unreported in the MSM…because, why? Well apparently Mordachai Orian is an israeli jew. He was at the head of this Thai related farm-worker ring, and yet you are being spoon-fed a Quran-burning zio-christian,a stoning of an Iranian murderess…and Yippee! It’s the jewish new year. Ya think your attention is being drawn away from the filthy kosher fingers in yet another pie?

Nah. They wouldn’t be that obvious in their media-slight-of-hand…would they? While you are being pulled left and right…should I hate Muslims?….should I hate Mexicans?…this jew has been running a scam for years importing slaves to work amerikan farms and he is going to get away with it…while you sit there. This is just a taste of the shit. It’s out there every day! All you have to do is look. How many times does it take? How much does it take before true anti-semitism(the hatred of that horrid criminal cult) grabs hold of you, and indeed the world, and shakes you by the throat? How much more can you young ones take before you put away your political correctness “toys” and start looking at the surnames of this filth?

Y’know, I was talking to a friend recently and they asked me where the Hunter Thompsons, the Jack Kerouacs or the John Lennons are today. I had no real answer for that. Except to say that the poets that will begin the next revolution, won’t be 20-30 years old anymore. They will have to be the ones that were there when their dreams were stolen 40 years ago apparently. And they will be right here. In this the only medium that adults still hold. When the last “social revolution” took place, we were fighting a two front war. One against war itself…specifically Viet Nam. And the other against the hebrew’s grip on us through consumerism.
There is so much more need now for taking it to the streets than there was then. And yet as my friend imparts, the mid-twenty-somethings that think politically today are concerned with Dem-versus-Rep. Not Them versus Us. Do you think that the enemy “Establishment” has gone away…tail between it’s legs in defeat for the past 40 years? Think again kids. It was our fight then…it is yours now. Do you like what you see around you? Do you subscribe to this vile bastion of jewish garbage that is amerika? Doesn’t anything get you angry? Are you that scared or that stupid? Or just pussys. Is that what we raised? Spoiled children that refuse to see their own demise coming…as their parents did? Pussys?

Maybe by sparing the rod we let you in for a world of hurt. A hurt that you can’t see coming. Growing up doesn’t hurt…it’s what you are letting yourselves in for if you don’t, that is going to be horribly painful….for you and for YOUR children. It’s no longer “Mommy spank” . It’s going to be the jews spanking. You better turn your listening ears on and put on your thinking caps. Most of us are getting too old to wait for you to grow up. We are still going to take this fight to them…and if you don’t grow up or get the hell out of the way you ARE going to get hurt.


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