Ding Dong…

Well, let’s see what the MSM is serving up today. We have a foul-mouthed comic jew that got his come-uppins…and violently I hear(yay). This doesn’t happen enough for my tastes, but that’s just me, I guess. I hope in this disgusting man’s death he endured endlessly long microseconds of pain and terror for each time his filth reached a child’s ear. One can only hope that his buddy Howard Stern meets a similar end. Ever notice that outside of violent accidents, or suicide…how many jews live to be like a thousand? Must be something to that “the good die young” thing. Maybe it has to do with just good clean living…ya think? Or protected living in the lap of stolen luxury. Oh well, we can celebrate little victories…ding dong…and all that.

We also have a Van Der Sloot episode being added to the soap opera that is the Natalie Holloway thing. Now he states that he was duped by FBI agents. What a hoot this guy is…when he isn’t butchering women, I mean.
NEW YORK (AP) – The lawyer for the mother of an Alabama teen who disappeared in Aruba has dismissed claims by the Dutchman suspected in the case that he extorted money from the parents to get back at them. Speaking on NBC’s Today show Tuesday, John Kelly, a lawyer for Natalee Holloway’s mother Beth Twitty, called Joran van der Sloot a pathological liar who always portrays himself as the victim”.

This guy has to be a jew. I mean he lived in the kosher playground, right? Rich parents, well connected family, kills Gentile women. He’ll die an old man too, I’m sure.

Anyway, I have recently assessed long life as a curse. Of course the younger readers out there may not understand this at first. But you might someday. No matter how great life is, it is tiring. And quite boring when it comes right down to it. I mean 50 or so years of flossing your teeth and paying taxes can take it’s toll. It’s like good food. It’s tasty and all, but only those that live to eat can continue feasting. Most of us see such a banquet as a pleasant experience, but don’t feel the need to over-indulge. Some do. The ashkanazi ethos is that way apparently. Never enough. No matter who ya screw to keep going…keep eating…keep screwing. Yuck, I am about done with it all. I just hope in the next life(if there is one) there aren’t any hebrews. I am sick of witnessing their infatuation with themselves and their foundering on our innocence and good nature. I would take NO afterlife as opposed to another one like this.
So maybe a long life is a curse more than a blessing. With all things that are important in life, maybe the jew has also misread this one.

I see that the bully that is israhell pretending to want peace with Palestine, has got them on the mat with their arm bent backwards telling them to say “uncle”. That’s typical of bullies…I remember.

Sometimes, this world is too much for me to take. The joy I can find is too little…and too sparsely distributed. But take heart. I am training a replacement…a true writer and journalist than just needs to pointed in the right direction…


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