What are you, Nuts?…

I had occasion to look back at my posts since I started this project in March. I read through them briefly as I scrolled through the articles…

What a load of crap. Well, I say crap, but perhaps a better way to describe it is a man with a mission…and no voice.
I mean, when I look at the world as it is today and witness the nonchalance with which people accept what is happening to them I feel like screaming. And I do. But that is all I am seeing here. Nothing constructive, nothing instructive. No new way to understand things…no voice… other than just repeating… “Bullshit”. I really didn’t want to put that message out when I started this thing. Just another screamer. Heaven knows there is enough of that out here.

That being said. Things come in waves. It’s almost predictable…slow news days, journalists would call it. Then all hell breaks loose for a while. We pay attention and scream…then we rest for a bit. This is one of those bits.

Not that there isn’t plenty to write about…but we wait for the next wave. I read every day something new that is something old, and is being re-examined. There has been so much control over what we believe about what has happened in our world’s childhood.
Through the internet, we are seeing our collective past in a new light. This of course causes us to question the very nature of everything we held to be factual. TJPTB can’t like this very much. I of course see the jewish hand in so much of this controlled and inaccurate depiction of past events.

It is difficult to fathom the newly discovered facets of this coin of history. They shine and demand our attention. Where we once saw a flat drawing of a coin and were told “this is a coin”, we now see it in it’s true dimensions as having two sides and even an edge. So many people that I meet are afraid of looking at the coin. It is uncomfortable and it requires…god forbid….effort. It upsets and frightens them to think they have been deceived in so many ways throughout their lives. It is so much more convenient to accept what was taught them. I understand that. But I don’t agree.

I guess that’s why I was always a fan of James Burke. His series “Connections” was inspiring to me. Not the content necessarily, but the method. The very idea that he would challenge norms of “history” by providing connections between one event and another, was revolutionary…on a small scale. There was little that was political in the series, but it allowed the viewer to understand the concept that nothing ever happens without a previous event as it’s impetus. This concept is the tool to uncovering the hidden judaic hand in altered “the winner writes the history” history. He confined his television program to events such as inventions, industry and technological growth, but I think that he probably would have liked to have gone a bit further. Imagine the slippery slope that is world politics and media, had he applied his meticulous research abilities to these areas. But armed with his fascination with connections and detail, we are all now charged with such a venture. To discover what they didn’t tell us….and why. This is clearly our mission.

We must avoid however the pitfalls and ploys that are set for us by those that have true history to conceal. We must not employ the methods of “bad science” in which we look only for proof of a predetermined conclusion. But we have at our fingertips the world’s knowledge. This internet is the library of Alexandria. Before they burn this one down as well, it is up to us to find the connections. Yes, we are going to be called nuts. And yes, some of us are. I am one.

“Only queers and jews get on in show biz” -John Lennon


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