New Poll…We Are Winning

Poll: Record high distrust in US media
Thu Sep 30, 2010 8:11AM

A new Gallup poll shows a record-high majority of Americans have little or no trust in the mass media to report the news fully, accurately or fairly.

According to the poll, 57 percent of Americans say they do not trust the news of the US mass media. The figure released on Wednesday shows a record high, up from 56 percent last year.

The poll, with the maximum margin of sampling error of ±4 percentage points, gathered information from 1,019 adults, aged 18 and older, from between September 13 to16.

Nearly 63 percent of those polled perceive bias in media and political news outlets in one direction or the other.

The report further added that the public trust in the media is now even lower than its trust in the executive and judicial branches of the US government.

Gallup’s annual Confidence in Institutions survey published on August 15 found that 75 percent of the respondents do not have confidence in newspapers, with 78 percent distrusting television news.

Experts say the US media are not gaining new fans as Americans continue to express low confidence, in line with the steady slide over the past two decades.

The results also reflect the rise of alternative media and Internet news sources, which are rapidly gaining popularity among Americans.


Beyond the World…

I have been re-reading(in some cases, really reading for the first time) my posts for the last month or so.  OMG.  As George Harrison crooned, “I, me, mine”.

Way too much about me.  Way too little about the zionist beast that prompted me to start this endeavor in the first place.  But that’s easy to do. I guess you could say that IS me.   I tend to write about how this world affects me.  It’s one way of assuring that I will get the facts straight…anyway.

I see Roger Waters has joined us…intentionally or not…he has been marked.  Unless he says “uncle” till the day he dies, his arm will be continually lock-gripped behind his back.  Tough.  A lot of high profile people get the anti-semite label.  Some aren’t trying.  It would appear that even if you refuse to address the jewish-zionist question in public you could still slip up.  Since you don’t have that paranoia that comes with judaic upbringing, you don’t always know if you are stepping on someone’s wee-wee.  Bummer.  Then of course if you do find a circumcised member under your shoe, you have to bend over…and bend over…and bend over.  They forever have you over a barrel.  Forever.

It must be tough walking that tightrope of depending on jews for your very livelihood and trying to retain some dignity, while merely trying to practice your craft or artform, as they do in the biz.  But come to think of it, the jews have most of us there.  I may not depend on kosher wages so much that I won’t speak out about their filth, but I find myself “choosing my battles”, so to speak.  We all do.  We don’t scream anti-Gentile, every time we get screwed up the butt by some hebrew deal.  We were raised better.  Our parents taught us not to judge people by grouping them.  But the ash-can-nazis were taught differently.  And that’s the only thing that makes them “chosen”.  Chosen to play evil.  Chosen to be greedy.  Chosen by their upbringing to regard themselves as superior.

And we take it.  We bend over for them. For how much longer, I wonder.

I have mentioned my friendship with a “holohoax survivor” here before.  I will continue to do so.  He taught me many things.  These things are not secrets but they are truths.  He was there when the western world got their ransom note from the jew.  He understood what was going behind the scenery.  He too was bent over by their protocols.  As I said in the post yesterday…I know what I know.

When I think of poor George on his deathbed…and his jewish motherfucker of a doctor, literally MAKING him sign a guitar for this filthy bastard’s hatching…I dunno…it makes me wish at some level that I was a violent man. When I read of the CEO of a company that has sold faulty body-armor to the military, and with the proceeds buys his J.A.P. daughter a coming out party worth ten mil, my first instinct is to punish. But I won’t. I consider the source.  That is the nature of the kosher “Beast” .  That is the way they were reared.  “I, ME, MINE”.   My only recourse is this site.  To expose them every chance they give me…and some they don’t.
And continue to try and think and write less about myself and more about those that die and suffer at the hand of the international jew.

My Conscience…

This may sound a little basic to some, maybe not.

I go off half-cocked quite a lot. I guess it’s because as you get older, you know that you don’t have as much time to defend and explain in detail…and you don’t care to get lost in meaningless talking-point debates that merely slow the inevitable conclusions at which you have already arrived. But along with this bull-in-a-china-shop attitude,(besides breaking a shitload of porcelain)one tends to feel brutish about one’s methods. But that is the nature of the beast. Get in and hang on. Does that make any sense?

Let me state it another way. I have come to certain conclusions about the way things are on this spinning rock, and I have arrived at these ways of thinking,not only through many years of many hours devoted to reading and researching…but also through gut feelings and intuition about such information. I guess, although it seems a p.o.v. that on the surface could be easily criticized…I know what I know. I will never tell you a lie here. I will not spread rumor. If I make a statement as fact…I can document it.

The conclusions I draw from these facts, are mine alone. But they fit, and it’s my purpose to tell you how. I have to sleep and look in a mirror occasionally. So my intent is to as be as true to myself and what I believe, as possible. I don’t care how others sleep or see their reflections. It’s obvious to me that these things aren’t as important to some. It’s obvious that a certain group of people do not seem to have the same type of conscience that I do. To hell with them.

I depend on a lot of people out there to call me on any bull that I happen to post here. I also depend on a few in the real world to assure the veracity of my observations. As Blanche says : “I have always depended upon the kindness of strangers”. Whether they be friend or foe, I am sure that my readership will keep me on the straight and narrow.

I realize that readers come and go. Hit and run. That is the nature of the blogosphere. Some leave comments…most don’t. I can hang with that. I really appreciate the feedback I get and always crave more, but most places that I visit do not receive my comments for one reason or another. I don’t care to sing in a choir even if I agree with what I read. Or I think they are so far off base that I don’t feel an obligation to try changing their ways by typing in a little comment box for hours on end. Or some sites know that I agree with and appreciate their posts…opinions or alternative news… which very little beyond my coming back needs voicing. So unless I think that a webmaster has truly hit on a gem and requires encouragement or an “amen”, I just read and come back for more. That’s usually cool with them…and me.

If I didn’t get but one reader a month, I would still be hammering on these keys. Yes, it’s more about me than you. I want like hell for you to come along with me on this trip…but even if you don’t, I’m still going. It’s about conscience.


Forgive me my earlier patriotism rant.  It was true to my feelings, but intentionally a bit sophomoric…a little pedestrian in nature.  Sometimes I like to vent, and in the raging voice that readers expect.  I promised I wouldn’t do that.  See what I did there?

I have been listening to a lot of Eustace Mullins lately, and I dunno.  I loved the guy.  He had a way of speaking that just drew you in and let you feel that there are no stupid questions. I will miss him. Kinda like that nice old guy that you wish now that you had more time for when you were a kid.  He worked at the grocery or the fire station, and you would marvel at his tales of war or big bands or living out of a truck on the way to California.  Were his tales true?  Who knows…it doesn’t matter.  He was true.

My Mother used to describe people like that as ones that “were in love with the sound of their own voice”.  And that can be a good or a bad thing.  When you listen to the talking heads in the media, or Alex Jones or Mike Rivero, you can get a mouthful of the bad taste for that particular proclivity.  But when you listen to Twain or Mullins or even Carlin, you can see the good that this love affair with one’s own vocal chords can bring to millions.  I guess it has to do with intent.

Anyway, back to Mullins.  I loved the way he could ramble through history at warp speed, while you are trying desparately to take mental notes.  You believed him. It was as if all the proof for those uneasy feelings you have always had, were embodied in this man’s voice.  A voice of authority and experience and yet with no condescension.  Much like Joseph Campbell when he went speeding through the historical power structures of religious myth.  There are few people that can sustain my interest or trust in this world.  These are two of them.  

 I can listen to many speakers and no matter how methodical they seem, if they falter in one statement, a red light and siren goes off in my head and it drowns out anything further that they have to say.  It’s like reading an essay in which the author mentions the “holocaust” off-offhandedly  as a mere stepping stone to another bigger point…my ears go dead.  I don’t care what point they are trying to make…if they are going to reference something that I know to be a fabrication, as a fact…they have lost me.  But that’s only common sense.  You can’t lead a horse…all that.

I have been driveling on in this post and have yet to come to a point.  I write like that, as I am sure you have noticed.  

Yesterday I read an article that stated that even though the MSM has found their new HITLER in the personage of I’m-a-dinner-jacket, and are drooling to lambaste him at every turn, his latest speech at the UN in which he mentioned the possibility that the mossad was behind 9/11 and the zio-news had a field day…the alternative media on the net were strangely silent.  The article concluded that this was because these supposed websites of alternative news, were really funded and backed by the zionists themselves.  The sites that the article mentioned are probably guilty as charged.  For the rest of us out here…I don’t think that is a fair assessment.

I haven’t, and very few bloggers out here have mentioned the speech very much, because I think we have fallen out of love with this guy.  As I said up there somewhere, there are some that can sustain my interest or trust .  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not one of these.  There are too many bells going off…too many red lights flashing.  He is too good to be true. He is too much the embodiment of all that the JPTB want to demonize.  I think many out here feel that way.  Just as Adolph was a cardboard cut-out for the zionist’s  propaganda, so too does the leader of Iran strike me.  He looks like a garden path that I don’t think I want to stroll down.  But maybe that’s just me.  Maybe I have been led down too many paths.  Getting a bit gun-shy in my old age, I guess.