Many get the wrong idea about things. Then they just carry on with this mistaken notion, as if it was the truth…and then things get complicated.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this…but I DON’T HATE JEWS.

Some have suggested that I put that on my masthead up there. Maybe. I dunno. Since this seems to be a sound-bite/picture bite/give-me-the-whole-story-in-half-a-sentence type of world in which we live now….a place in which no one’s attention span is as long as their nose, maybe I should be more plain and up front about my views…again. And again. And again.

The purpose of this site, in case anyone is wondering, is to expose the judaic hand behind the bad ideas that abound in the world. Up there it says” …rejecting all things judaic”. That’s what that means.

Now…if you will all move along down this hall…we see over to your left and down a bit “boycott jews”. This is an indication that I feel that people raised in jewish homes have the option to reject their religion, and should. If not, and they buy into all the bad ideas that their religion/culture upholds…then you should boycott them.
Not hate them. Not injure them. Not kill them. Not insult them publicly. But rather, do not further empower them by ignoring their horrible influence on our planet.
Is that plain enough?

I really don’t see how I can make it more simple than that.

But that’s really not what I wanted to talk about.
What I would like to cover…
I recently wrote a scathing article on Mr. Rivero over at What Really Happened(no I won’t hyperlink him). I had found the link about his new/resumed career with hollyweird and dropped a bomb about it. No biggie.
But D.B. Smith at, I will hyperlink him) picked up my piece and linked it. HOLY HELL…over a thousand hits in 24 hours. Thanks Daryl. Kinda scary though.
Anyway, out of all those hits, I got beaucoup comments…some I published…most I didn’t. In a way, I guess…I am answering them all.

I am a huge believer in Pandora. We are all Pandoras. We are all curious and dumb…in our own little ways…but we all can have good intentions. These are things that are in us all.
To me, that chick that opened the box that her hubby told her not to, letting all the evils out into the world…is us. We didn’t mean to do it…but we couldn’t help ourselves. Our curiosity got the best of us.

I am trying here to put some of those nasty critters back in the box. It’s not easy. But I have lots of help, and more is coming every day. All those bad ideas out there today on a global scale…money, usury, war, lying, stealing, cheating and harming others for profit…all of them, I have found, can be traced back to that period in which a bunch of a-holes in khazaria were conquered and made to choose a religion to follow. When they chose the ancient filthy religion practiced by the Pharisees, Pandora was there….peeking into the box. Of course the history of the “jew” is much more complicated than this, but wherever this vile form of religion has been practiced throughout history there has been death and suffering. It is a bad idea. One that needs re-boxed and forgotten.

Anyway, after all of those hits, I felt the need to be “brilliant”…and wash behind my ears. Of course I can’t be. I don’t have all the answers..only a few. I am not a great writer or thinker. I just keep plodding along in my own fashion, trying to keep my conscience as clear as possible by fighting what I believe to be the beasties that flibbertigibbet unleashed.


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