Hmmmm…What REALLY Happened

I don’t want to blow my own horn(too much) but…

Just before the last presidential election, I took issue with Mike Rivero’s WRH website and the quick left turn that it made.
All of a sudden Mike was advising all his readers…a CONSIDERABLE amount of people…to get out and vote for Obama.

I made a few snide comments on his articles calling for us to submit to the “election” system that he was spewing. Perhaps a few of you out there remember his campaign?

I was upset. So I wrote him a personal email explaining that I didn’t think it advisable for him to front for these kinds of people and fall prey to their game by suggesting that we all go pull levers. I suggested that he advise all that read his stuff, to step away from the machine and not be part of further political demise that was surely coming…no matter who was elected.

Not expecting to hear back from him while beginning to doubt his sincerity, he promptly replied that it was his considered opinion that Obama was all about change and he felt it his duty to get behind him in any way he could.

Well, we went on exchanging messages in this vein and his arguments became weaker and weaker….of course. He had no ground on which to stand. He knew it. I knew it.

Getting frustrated with his glib answers and ready to end the dialogue, it occurred to me that he was somehow being bought by the powers that be. So I accused him of it in my final missive. As I recall (I didn’t save any of our correspondence) my last letter went something like this:
It’s obvious Mike, that you are being somehow compensated for this sell-out. I can envision a phone call that probably happened in which some Obama politico was talking to a fellow jew in hollyweird saying that “this Rivero guy has got some sway out there…can we buy him?” To which the reply was made “We can if we let him back into hollywood…he’s an animator that used to work here…we could promise him a job on one of our next block-busters”. “Ok, Sid…you do that…but make sure he sells the party line on that website he runs…he IS one of US, right?” “Yep”. Done deal.

He didn’t reply to that one.

Damn I am good!

Read this…

Calling em like I see em…

Now he’s telling You what’s really happening and having the unmitigated CHUTZPA to CHARGE you for it…while he is making money hand over fist! ASS-WIPE. Boycott the SOB.


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