Kissy-Face and Judaic Democracy…


This is is going to be another one of those LONG stream-of-whatever wandering thingys that you might want to skip altogether if you are looking for any kind of structure. Just some thoughts I wanted to get down in pixels, that have bothered me over the years…

You will have to forgive an old guy that keeps referencing the ’60s. That was when I was coming of age. I won’t rehash what it was like personally…we all have our memories and I won’t bore you with mine…especially in an idyllic, nostalgic light. Suffice it to say that it was a crossroads of sorts. For this nation, for myself and many I knew personally. It was then, when all things sexual began to blur like an impressionist painting, or your windshield in the car-wash. This was the era of the explosion of the pornography business, which became a wholly jewish($$$) enterprise…and I have watched it change over the years. From it’s early days of a depiction of just straight sex, to the current trends of shaved vaginas( simulated pedophilia) to the entirely repulsive REAL pedophilia and signature “scatology”, the jewish mindset is slowly becoming more apparent.

Pornography is nothing new. Only the definition has been blurred over the past few decades. Jews did not invent it. They have only profited from it. There has been documented prurient imagery and erotica since the dawn of man. For the most part…male generated. It has long been established that the male mind is stimulated visually, and that tactile stimulation is generally reserved for the female of the species. This is gender-specific behaviour that goes back….well, way before the late 1960’s.

Also, of course…homosexuality didn’t just arrive on the planet. Even same-sex child molestation was considered normal in some ancient societies. The Spartan army for instance in the 6th to the 4th centuries BC, trained their young lads with mentoring soldiery that also schooled them in the ways of man-boy sex. It is, unfortunately a matter of fact. Not particularly pretty to most people today…but that is changing.

Until very recently in western society, such same-sex goings-on was more or less hidden from general public view…because…well, it’s kind of disgusting…and it is not the norm. It doesn’t propagate the species. It is essentially selfish in nature. And most of us do not even want to know the mechanics of it…specifically male homosexual behaviour. Many in the “gay” community have labeled this reticence to accept such behaviour, as homophobic. By definition that means “fear of homosexuality”. Again, as in so many things in the Occident…a misnomer.
I can’t speak for women, but I can say that I know few if any male heterosexuals ,that “fear” homosexuals or their lifestyle. Perhaps homo-disgust would be a better word for what we “straights” feel. But words such as”disgust”, and “prosperity” seem to have become obsolete…I wonder why.
Generally speaking, gay males are hardly anything to fear physically, unless you fear “Bubba rape” in a close quartered prison cell. Maybe. But most western males don’t intend to place themselves is such a cell or situation.

Homophobia, is wholly jewish terminology as I am sure you are aware. It implies that all people have latent homosexual tendencies. They don’t. That’s the ashkanazi Freud speaking. The entire “gay-pride” movement is a yiddish one, as a matter of fact and I have found that most everything that has the word “pride” attached to it, can be traced back to the tribe. It all stems from the divide-and-conquer mentality that is prevalent in the west at the hands of the hebrews in charge at the moment.

That’s as may be, but not what I’m on about right now.

I would be willing to bet my best fishing rod that I have had for 30 years and made with my own hands… as morally defacing as it appears on the surface, and knowing that it was broadcast around the world…that the image at the top of this post, will stimulate at least 90% of those males that view it. Whew. That was a hell of an awkward sentence. You might want to read it again. Or in other words, watching Madonna and Britney kissing on some jew-award show will get a guy going. Guaranteed.


I have given this a LOT of thought over the years. Maybe too much.
However, I have deduced this all by myself. Ha! (well, maybe I’m stating the obvious for some)

Of those years in the sixties(oh no…here he goes again about the damned hippie era) the experiences that stick out in my mind were mostly about changing sexual mores’. Although as I look back at it now, I see that it was driven by jewish interests.
So how can the media get by with essentially lesbian porn on internationally broadcast extravaganzas like this?
Because although men have been fed heterosexual pornography for millennium, it is basically bi-sexual . If you stop and think about it, while viewing standard porn, men are viewing males as well as females in a sexual performance. As a male, I don’t want to look at a male in sexual congress with anything…man or woman. So, the alternative to such “iffy” enterprises is girl-girl sex. It’s that simple. It is the male being stimulated visually by a sexual depiction without having to view another man in a sexual context. Most men prefer it and the industry is aware of it. As are most women in general. And women having DNA instructions, that….no matter how much they resist it…tell them to please their men(especially on a sexual level) are more willing to indulge in homosexual acts whether they enjoy it or not. Of course this is a mere generalization, and more of a trend(that is becoming more and more popular),but it is fed by a jewish-male dominated media that not only understands the power($$$) of the image to stimulate, but how it also affords a platform for the reciprocal male-male sexual lifestyle. By that I mean, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. If you buy lesbians…and they KNOW that as a normally adjusted male, you will…then you will at least entertain the notion of male homosexuality.

So when a gay judge in California overturns the popular vote of a precedent-setting same-sex marriage proposition(whew…I finally got to the point!), it should come as no surprise. However, you have the jew to thank/blame.

Therefore, in pre-Christian and post-ANTI-Christian societies(you might as well face it Christians, you are living in a jewish world in which you are fed to the lions daily), we see homosexual prevalence. So where’s the surprise? It is jewish-democracy in action. We brought it on ourselves. As heterosexual males we desire to witness lesbian activity…then included-at no extra cost-we get “gays”. And you WILL accept it…and you WILL like it.


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