Where Do You Start?

All you reading this are what I would consider normal, intelligent, aware, socially conscious and nice people. I know by your comments and the way you keep me in your bookmarks or regularly link from other like-minded sites.

It’s easy to assume after a while out here that most folks are like us…really. Not so. We are an unusual breed. A sub-classification of the human form of the 21st century. We hold the unfettered sense of fact vs. fiction in keeping for mankind. We walk around in our day-to-day dealings with others and work and talk and relate as do all humans…but with a burden.

Much like Cassandra we feel powerless at times to explain how we see things and how others should “wake up” , as if it is just a matter of simply looking around -making simple connections-calling a spade a spade and acting on these conclusions. Everything would be so easy if people other than ourselves would just see that they are being deceived.
Well, that type of attitude is natural for us. We live in a world where lying, cheating, and oppression affects us personally. I guess that’s the point…with us it’s PERSONAL. And it’s being personal is a frustration so compelling as to almost frighten those that do not suffer from it.


It isn’t easy relating to others on many levels other than the mundane. Because invariably someone will drop what we consider a “bomb” into the conversation like “Well, it all boils down to those damned Mexicans stealing all our jobs”…or “I think that someone should just sit those people down in the ME and iron out all their differences so we don’t have to hear about it all the time”…or “well, I used to be a republican, but now I register as a democrat”.

And as you stand there, your whole being starts to twitch. You would like to drag out a blackboard and push that bomb-dropper back into a chair and explain things so that even HE can understand them…with colored chalk and pie-charts.

But you don’t. Most of the time. You do not want to come off as an authoritarian…no one does. But it is so easy to do just that. And we dislike that feeling in ourselves…but sometimes we actually DO try to explain our view of things…but where do we start? After such ordnance is hurled into a discussion,

your thought process goes something like this:

“ok..start with the house of Rothschild…no,no…they won’t stand still for a history lesson…try not to sound preachy..explain that the banks are controlling even their day-to-day life…mortgages, interest…yeah they will get that…or not…then you have to explain the philosophy of fiat currency…you will lose them…ask them if they know where the money comes from when they get a loan…yeah, that’s good…but they probably won’t believe that a bank just makes it up…then you will have to explain fractional reserve…and then discount theory…they will be snoring by the time you finish that….ok…they hate Mexicans…why?…explain that they are being manipulated by the media and they are hating the wrong thing…but they trust the media…ok,ok…so start with their trust of the media…but don’t say the word JEW…you will get one of those looks…let THEM make the conclusion…what was it that I remember from that el-ed class about leading a student to the correct conclusion by asking the right questions?…this person is pretty smart…they can understand the concept of social engineering….or not…what are their values?…what do they hold to be true?…how can I work that into showing them that they have been duped…suggest that they go to my website…no, no…they won’t and if they do, they would have to start reading articles stretching back months, to get what I am trying to say… they don’t appear to be the reading type…but I do have lots of pictures..”

This all goes through your mind in the span of a few seconds and the easiest response and the one that is most common is something like..”Yeah,the world’s full of problems”. But we can’t be like that. Their “bomb” dropped into the conversation must be viewed as a willingness to discuss what is important to them. Really. So instead of retreating to trite agreement over something with which you vehemtly disagree, you should answer more like this: “Well, y’know, just the other day I heard you say that Juan over in accounting, was one of the nicest people you have ever met”…then seguay into something like “perhaps we are directing our anger toward the wrong things?” If this sounds familiar…yes, I am taking a leaf from “their” zionist talking point tome. Fight fire with fire. Besides, these methods are much easier when you have truth on your side.

We have a mission, I think. For some reason, we have this ability to understand what we consider to be simple truths…and we are charged with alerting other people. No matter how difficult. No matter how politically incorrect. Much like the evangelist, we have to keep trying, or the world will never have felt our prescient presence.

These sites that we run are the choir. They are not a difficult endeavor. A bit risky. But here we have a captive audience and the time and opportunity to share our concerns, and maybe bring a few “fence-sitters” over to our school.
However, these are not in fact simple concepts to most. These are difficult precepts that have taken a great deal of our lives to grasp entirely.
We cannot expect someone that was raised in front of a television to see our point of view immediately. As the media understands, minds have to be changed in stages of repetition. And yes, you will become known as the wing-nut initially, but it is surprising how many people you can influence…people(including us) are a herding variety…the MSM knows and uses this…so can we. The difference being that their purpose is to put them to sleep, and ours is to awaken them.


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