It Does No Service…

I will not presume to judge the outstanding efforts of those out here, with which I am in constant envy of their talent and integrity. However, I have noticed a trend that perhaps you too have seen recently. So in my most humble effort to name it…the following:

Since long before I began my feeble efforts here, I regularly visited all the “anti-semitic” sites I could find. I read all the political commentary blogs and news sites that were not afraid to name israhell as the perpetrator of most of the world’s problems. They come and go and who knows for what particular reasons. Censorship, financing…lack of readership…whatever. I dunno. I know what they tell me. But if this site or that one closes or begins, it is anyone’s guess why. This is a fragile, walking-on-ice type of venture. Here we are, vehemently denouncing an entire religion/gang using, by anyone’s accounting, their own services to do so.
Any large ISP can be traced to being owned, and the profits benefiting those of the tribe. You can research it. Perhaps you have already done so. I have.

So when judicial-inc. goes down, for what?…the 4th time…or Mike Rivero is having a hissy-fight with the powers that handle him or Alex Jones, or Jeff Rense is re-publishing or not re-publishing Les’ articles…this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. We are all subject to this type of infighting and censorship and mis-communication in this arena where trust does not and should not come easily. But let’s not complicate matters by giving our masters what they want. Even if they are motivating such behaviour. Let us remember to bite the hand that feeds, and not the hands of those that would also like to take a big hunk out of those hebrew’s digits.
It would seem, in my humble opinion, that what is needed here, if we can sweep our egos aside for a moment, is some focus. It is hard enough to bring into clarity for others, the actions of those we oppose…our zionist adversaries…without digressing and therefore degrading our message. We are all bright and aware and clever authors(well, me excluded) and we have no time or opportunity to waste with petty melodrama, or traps set by the cult.

I have been to many sites that begin with historic views of the “tribe”, and wind up with racist, ill-researched speculation and as much false re-writing of history as those of which we are fighting, are guilty. I understand that when zionists control most of the reference material that is available…the MSM, wiki-crapola, and the screaming revisionist sites, it is hard to find verifiable truth about the history of the jew and his disgusting antics, but let’s not fall prey to the same methods of zion. The FACTS are there…not necessarily always in plain site, but attainable nonetheless. We all…especially me…need to remember, no matter what, that we are the “new journalists”…and ones with a common purpose that cannot afford to be diminished in the eyes of those that need our message.

For instance, when I read on 3 consecutive major websites that President Andrew Jackson successfully fought the federal reserve banksters and demanded that the inscription “I killed the bank” was put on his tombstone, I gotta think…who the hell are these people that start and continue this shit? When a commonly educated person reads this type of easily verified falsehood, it negates the entire message, and casts serious doubt on our movement against those that would prefer that we just go away.
I realize that there are “disinfo” agents out here…believe me, I am aware that they have a HUGE influence. So we have two battles to fight, and probably against the same enemy. Route them out. Call them on their BS. Verify everything you can…their crap…and your noble efforts.

I also understand that we have no control over what is written, in the name of our cause. All too well. That, I think is part and parcel to our message. No control. But we don’t have to let this lying and reprinting of rumor and urban myth go unchallenged.

I am probably as guilty as anyone when it comes to this. Of all the un-trusting people I know, I used to think I took the cake. But I find myself falling into carefully laid snares out here that are simple to reprint,(due to some natural laziness on my part) because it is so easy to believe what you want to believe, rather than do the legwork and find the real story, letting the chips fall.

Forgive me if I sound preachy. I certainly have no right to set myself up as anyone of authority. However when I read all of this wonderful prose of noble-intentioned activism that you all write and share…and see it’s message at risk of getting lost in a muddle of childish politics and dis-information, I want to weep. Seriously. And as I am sure you will agree, it does no service to anyone…but “them”. Just sayin…


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