Religion…a Rock and a Hard Place

I hate religion. All religions…no matter what. They deal in things that I can’t sense. Sense is a big thing with me. If I can’t touch or smell or see something, I have a hard time believing it’s there. And even if it is there and I can’t sense it, well I guess I see it as negligible. This of course rules out the presence of say distant galaxies or inert gases. So let’s just deal with the metaphysical for the moment. That for which there is no scientific evidence of existence. From what I have read on the subject, it seems to me that most all religions can be traced back to a point in time when they were established for some sort of political control of people. I see no difference today. I hate being controlled.

I was raised in a loosely Christian home, in a loosely Christian nation. I use the word loosely as opposed to say, a theocracy in which religion plays a huge part in everyday life. Like most Americans at some point, I went to Sunday-school. I was exposed to all the myths and legends of gods and angels and heaven and hell, from a Christian point of view. I rejected it as BS, from an early age and have found no reason to retreat to it, as yet. But that is just a little background…not really important.
I grew to accept that Christians were people just like me that appeared to have a need to subjugate themselves to some imaginary creator which they could not sense, in lieu of questioning their upbringing. Fine. Stupid, in my estimation, but kind of understandable. Looking at existence from a philosophical perspective, or using science to explain the mysteries of life is much more time-absorbing than to just accept, even if only on the surface, what you were taught in a little room with other children upstairs in a church. So most Christians “believe” , more out of dismissal than probably anything else. I am sure it is that way with most all religions. It is when these Sunday-school fairy-tales are used for a reason to harm or kill others(the original purpose of these belief systems) that I abhor them. Much like an unloaded gun is ok with me if it is mounted securely on a wall as decoration, but when it is taken down, loaded and used as it was designed …my tolerance for it vanishes.

Although I cannot speak for every religion, I know that Christianity for the most part is a theology of kindness, forgiveness and one of tolerance. Although it has been misused in it’s history by politicians to commit unspeakable violence, as it is practiced on an everyday level, and taking the teachings of it’s founder(loosely) it was meant to be a calmer and more humanistic faith. And like it or not( I am a bit of a realist) those are “my” people. I understand them for the most part. And because most of their creed is of a common-sense variety(thou shalt not kill, turn the other cheek, love your neighbor etc.) I am not violently opposed to the adherents of such a religion…save the assault on my intelligence.
Most religions affect me that way. Believe what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or involve me.
Then comes the “religion” of modern judaism. This is a funny creature without a clear-cut history. The inhabitants of the jews-only terrorist state of israel and in places of power in the western world, are a mixed breed of a religion. You have sephardi, ashkenazim, hasidic, reform, but mostly secular atheists pretending to be religious or seeing their parent’s religion as a “race” or culture to which they belong. Most all faiths have sects. However no other religion of which I am aware try to identify themselves as a race among men. When you factor in the “our religion is the only TRUE one” ideal held by most all religions, and you identify your religion as a “race” or an ethnic culture replete with bloodlines…then your asking for trouble. Because you will not only believe that your religion is the one true one, logically it would follow that your “race” is the one true one. Racism.
If judaism had a basic sophism resembling Christianity, then that might work. Judaism has an ethos of self. Everything is for the advancement of jews only. It is spelled out in their holy books. The Gentile is here for their use, speaking in cultural terms. Therefore we have racial superiority…a supremacist philosophy built in. Dangerous…and obnoxious.
Now we observe the clash. The clash between judaism or as they know themselves through their mythology, “the chosen ones”, and the rest of the Gentile world. You see, these jews do not have the same common-sense morality that is inclusive of all men. Their code is for they alone.
We will add to this horrible mix the fact that jews have no real regard for the Gentile and even a distinct scriptural HATRED for them. Hence, when the jew has cheated and stole his way to a place of power in, say a Christian society, those morals that Christians hold will be slowly destroyed around them.

When we look at the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, whether it is a forgery or not…this is what we are witnessing. The jewish power structure that has been built…oh so patiently in a Gentile world, dictating against everything that most hold to be true and good. Whether Christian, Muslim, Hindi….whatever, the hebrew has paved HIS way through the lives of ethical behaviour to suit his lack thereof.

So when it comes to my thoughts on religion, I am caught between a rock and a hard place. Hating the purpose of all faiths, and yet having even more disdain for the jew that destroys the everyday ethics of the Gentile world…I’m screwed.


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