What Are We Breeding?

I dunno…call me old fashioned. I can’t get these images out of my head.

And I am probably going to get some hate mail from the female portion of my readers, but…what kind of feminine animal is the world crafting.
I won’t go into a Henry Makow rant about the “good old days” when women wore skirts and stayed at home to raise their babies. Really I am not a chauvinist…I don’t think. Unless that definition includes one that once held the belief that women had more common sense than men. I always looked to women for grounding. You know the Jane Darwell type of female model that can always provide the big picture to us males. The character that sees things in perspective and allows for human frailty. I long for that female that is patient and not given to male endeavors of war and politics and are not swayed by the foolishness of men, but provide us with guidance through our journey here, be it mother, wife or daughter. How have we perverted that female human? Is she still here? Why is she no longer on our pedestals, but now seem to exist to do our bidding only,or mimic our male mindset of thinking no further than our stubborn noses?

Or did I dream this kind of woman?
It’s pretty well accepted that the liberated woman is a touchy one. You can’t point out for example that the ERA legislation was merely a khazarian stroke of genius to instantly double the tax-base. Or that even way back when…the Women’s Temperance League and suffrage movement that brought about prohibition was merely jewish oil interests trying to outlaw home production of alcohol because it would compete with their fossil-fuel sales for autos. Or that it was perceived easier to impress a female voter with male candidates. This pulls the rug from under their imagined emancipation. And I can understand that. For eons, women have been used in one way or another by men. If they were not forced to play the “sexual object” role then they were coerced into emulating the male one. Pushed and pulled, often never seeing from where or from whom. I can understand their “touchiness”. They must be constantly pissed off. I don’t think I would want to be one.

Maybe I am making much ado about nothing. Maybe I place too much importance on the difference in the sexes. Maybe we aren’t that different. That appears to be what the jewish media would have us believe. Perhaps women should be regarded as just smaller men. No smarter, no wiser… no more liberated. I dunno.


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