The Plate Guy…

Few if any of you remember the plate spinning guy from the Ed Sullivan show. Hell, probably few remember Ed, when it comes right down to it. Of course you can watch syndication reproductions of the show on the OFC(old farts channel), but it ain’t the same.

When we all gathered around the eye in the corner on Sunday nights to see Ed’s fair for the week, it was live. All mistakes were seen and forgiven. And there were many. Ed was famous for cutting acts. When he told them they had 2 minutes to perform, he would often hustle the next act out, covered by a different camera, in 1 minute 42 seconds. It made for an interesting variety of WTF?

But outside of the Beatles debut and subsequent performances on his show, the plate guy was my favorite. I don’t know why.
This guy would come out on stage and make your stomach acids flare with his feats of balance and timing. For those of you that don’t know the age-old circus act, the idea was to spin plates on long fixed poles, and keep them spinning up there while you started more and more plates whirling on their poles so that at any given time in the act you had many of these plates balanced and rotating at 8 or so feet above the stage on flimsy sticks that you kept wiggling to balance the ceramic discs.
Of course as entropy would have it, the plate guy( I don’t think anyone remembers his name…didn’t matter) would have to, (once he got them all up and spinning), maintain their flights in turn before they fell. He fought gravity in a frenetic pace as he went from stick to stick, wiggling them in turn. You always watched for that most slowly spinning plate to see if he could get there in time to renew it’s orbit before it fell to the stage and shattered. It never did. Or at least we were never allowed to see that happen. But you can’t keep that kind of thing going on forever.

This act impressed me to no end. I loved and hated watching it. I guess we all felt that way. Because like the famous Wallendas, there could be a fall at any moment…and we would have to witness it. You don’t want to see anyone fail that tries so hard. Well, unless what they are trying so hard at is to deceive. Then it is a joy to watch the plates smash on the stage and the acrobat fall to his death. That is human nature I guess. We none of us want to be deceived, lied to, or taken for fools. It’s insulting and embarrassing.

Things continue to move fast and furiously on the world stage recently. We have the jewish child-molester twins being set free of any punishment for their despicable indulgences, a JAP (jewish-amerikan-princess)about to be appointed as a Supreme Court Justice, who has absolutely no experience or qualifications for that office, other than she belongs to the tribe. We have a zionist jew smearing the reputation of a decent black woman, israhell threatening to bomb Iran(ad vomitorum) and on and on and on…

But the plates are wobbling. There are too many up there. The plate guy can’t get from one decaying spin to the next without sprinting at full speed…and plates are falling to the stage. They are smashing around him and there is nothing he can do to stop them.

And I’m lovin it…to coin a phrase.

It’s all a failed act and Ed is about to cut it short and cue another camera. The audience sees the mistakes, the falling plates and the act cut short… and they are going to start demanding their money back. It’s as certain as gravity. The plate guy won’t be back next Sunday.


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