“Troops get ready for border visit”. ” Is your anger like Mel Gibson’s?” “Roman Polanski ‘happy to be free'”.

Just how much can you color headlines. Pick any day and observe your MSM’s bits and pieces of news that they can’t control, for a hint. Editing, spinning, coloring. It is an amazing talent, I guess. I would call it lying if a 10-year-old did it.

Journalism has the ability to sway it’s audience by the way it presents a story. I guess I should say “temptation”, not ability. True journalism is divided into two categories. Reporting the news. And presenting it’s opinion of the news. One is fact and one is not. Each should be labeled, so we the readers do not take one for the other. The fact that they are not, generally speaking labeled as such anymore, is where that profession begins to resemble the one practiced by some females of our species, in dark ally-ways.

A friend recently asked me where I get all the ideas for my articles. I told him that they are provided to me free-of-charge from the MSM. These articles scream to be written every day. They practically write themselves if you observe the MSM’s stories from a certain viewpoint. That viewpoint, of course is that everything you read or hear or watch from them are either or both of the following: Blatant lies…or coloring of events which they would rather you not really know about but they will twist the “facts” or shade their articles so that it aligns with their(jewish)point of view.

Let’s look at CNN’s fair for the day. From the headlines that I presented in my opening paragraph, let’s examine and classify them according to the rules of journalism.

“Troops get ready to visit border”. Ok, now to me, without actually reading the piece(which they hope you won’t…that filters out a good third of overly-inquisitive readers) that sounds like an innocuous little story about a weekend sojourn of some army guys to some border for exercises or training. They are “getting ready”, like your wife is “getting ready” to go to the grocery. Then they are going to, when they are all ready…”visit” this border, like you visit your brother-in-law’s house for a Sunday barbecue. Harmless little story. Nothing note-worthy about it, right? Pass over it and go to that story about Lindsay Lohan being busted for pot at some evil border.

This is the way the alternative news on the net is presenting the story: “US deploys troops on Mexican Border”.

Which do you want to read, and which sounds more factual and less slanted?

Next we have: “Is your anger like Mel Gibson’s”. Ok, now this is an attempt to draw you into a story by asking several questions and making one HELL of a lot of assumptions. First, it assumes that Mel Gibson has an “anger problem” for which he should be publicly shamed. The headline doesn’t say that… it cleverly allows you to assume that. Then it separates Mel from you by implying that you don’t have such a problem…and you can prove it, if you read this article and take this simple “anger test” developed by top (jewish) psychiatrists. So now you are all tenderized and willing to believe that you are normal – since you passed their little test-and poor Mel suffers from a serious problem that will one day land him in jail or at the wrong end of a policeman’s defenses. Mel has had some problems with the jewish press due to a movie he made that the owners of the MSM didn’t care for.

So next we are treated to “Roman Polanski “happy to be free”. Well, who wouldn’t be…right? You immediately feel joy for this Polanski guy, whoever he is, because he is finally FREE! It will not matter to you what he is free OF…as you peruse the story and find that he is that wonderful director that made “Rosemary’s Baby”, and he also suffered that horrible loss of his girlfriend to the evil Manson family murders. The article will not go into any detail about the child-rape of which he was convicted and then fled the country telling our courts to stick it up their ass. No, we just know that he is finally FREE and HAPPY to be so.

So, to sum up: Jewish director good. Mel Gibson bad. Don’t worry about impending police-state.

All this opining, and I didn’t even get to the editorial page.


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