No, this isn’t going to be about one of my favorite bands from the sixties.

It will be an attempt to add my voice to the sentiments expressed in the article below, in which Gilad has pointed out what I have been saying for years.

And that is that PROJECTION is our age-old problem in the world and causes what you see today.

Ok. So I am going to a local drive-thru on a main thoroughfare in town and though I encounter a little stop and start traffic till I get there…it is a congested area and I expect that. I go get my precious whatever…food, coffee…whatever. Pay the girl at the little window and I am on my way home. I pull around to the entrance back onto the busy street and looking left, there is a line of cars slowed as far as I can see. A solid cue of metal, bumper to bumper blocking my turn back into traffic. This, I know has happened to you.

So you sit there, nibbling your food out of the top of the bag, or sipping your drink….and wait.

If you were to actually wait for all the cars to move on down the road and give you a clear path to pull out, you would probably be there till this time tomorrow. No, what you are waiting on is some kind soul, to stop short of your entrance and wave you into the line of cars through the hole he or she has left you. They are ALWAYS there…somewhere. That is important. You don’t ask this person, by gesture or words to let you in. They probably wouldn’t be able to hear you even if you yelled such a request. You normally don’t even make eye-contact with any of the people in their cars crawling slowly in front of you. But you are keenly aware of the pace, and can through your peripheral vision, immediately recognize someone’s offer to stop and let you in.

You will always take the offer, and are obliged to throw up a hand in thanks to the kind person that has allowed you entrance.

This whole scenario is familiar to us all and speaks volumes about the human condition, as does the opposite, “road rage”.

I am not going to go on about traffic and how certain people respond to it. What I am going to try to expose is that most all people(save the lunatics)are subject to the same reactions to various situations. We have many common feelings that direct our societal behaviour. And unless manipulated dishonestly, they are in harmony with peaceful coexistence.

When we hate others, we do indeed project upon the object of that hatred, the behaviour that we recognize in ourselves. And that can easily get out of hand. It is a hard unreasoning hatred that although appears to be steadfast and unbreakable, can be defused as simply as when the teacher makes the two fighting boys on the playground “shake hands and be friends again”. Really. It is just that simple. We know this. Somewhere in our hearts. We also know that blind rage and all that it brings is a contagious, unreasoning and destructive monster, that can consume any one of us.

The reason that zionism and it’s “war on terror” cannot be defended logically, is because it is founded in this unreasoning hatred. It refuses to recognize the hatred in itself. It teaches it’s children the same unreasoning hate. Then it becomes, to these children a valid fear that requires, in their minds….defense…and then the inevitable “preemptive offense”. Zionism has tried without success to found an entire nation upon this transparently shallow lack of reason and is consequently doomed to failure. As Gilad has pointed out, the more hatred that jews project on their imagined enemies, the more they will find.

As far as Gilad’s quest to study and revise the ACTUAL events of WWII…it ain’t gonna happen. The holohoax is a myth that will remain our collective memory, if the zionist ashkanazim have anything to say about it…and they do.

Now. Add to this illogical scene, a mumbo-jumbo religious tenet that preaches that jews are somehow “better” than the rest of humanity, and you have one paranoid, hateful and vile creature. All of this jewish crap is “learned behaviour” that can and is spreading like wildfire…even to those that if they would try to reason it out, don’t hold any of this philosophy to be true in the least.

But somewhere in the brains of zionist jews and their converts to this hatred, they believe that if THEY can feel all this hatred, then so must their imagined enemies. They don’t see this ridiculous thought pattern spiraling into fantasy. They believe it. Just as those that have found themselves believing that the person in traffic that just cut them off without looking, has evil intentions that need to be addressed with violence. If you fall prey to those emotions, then look to yourself for an explanation, not the person that absentmindedly cut you off.
Hatred begets hatred. But just as in traffic, somewhere down the road, YOU become the person that lets someone else in, after you are treated with respect. Kindness too can be just as catching if not more so.
Jews say much about how much more innately intelligent they are than the rest of the world. And yet they appear unable to grasp these simple concepts. If you act like an asshole, you will be treated like an asshole. Perhaps it’s the profit motive that dissuades them from even entertaining such simple and peaceful evaluations. I dunno.

Sometimes people amaze me.


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