Holiday Snaps…

No. This is not going to be “what I did on my summer vacation”. Well, sort of.

I have tried to give my couple weeks in the UK time to sink in before writing something about it. I wanted to express something profound about the experience. Something you can sink your teeth into and then perhaps come away with some deeper understanding of the human condition. I am not that good of a writer. Not that it’s that big of a deal to spend a fortnight in England and Scotland, but it always impresses me to no end to see how much all people are indeed alike, no matter what their routines upon this Terra firma.

I can only share a few images from that blur that is the “Americans abroad” experience.

Of course we did a lot of the touristy things, but those are never the events that you bring home with you. It’s the human interaction with a culture that is not yours, that sticks in your brain, I have found.

That conversation with a cab driver, or the joke you shared at a pub, or just the people watching are for me, the essence of the memories that are on a shared human plane and they reveal a common bond that we all forget in our day to day fussing.
As I think about those that I met while in Britain, I am reminded that a great deal of good friends that I have made here through this site are Brits. Duh. We that blog here in the states let that slip our mind, I think. Well maybe we all do. I think that is a good thing…getting past nationalities. It can become a bit confusing sometimes…football/soccer…but generally a good thing. When I am writing something here, I always forget that this is a global audience, to which I am driveling. That can be seen from two different perspectives. It can be perceived as typically Amerikan…thinking the whole world will see things my way JUST because I’m a hot-shot yank. Or that unconsciously, I addresses my readers as humans, irrespective of boarders. I am guilty on both charges.

If I brought anything home to brick-and-vinyl land, it is this: We are all just people trying to live our lives. Good people with few bad intentions trying to get along in a world run by a few with nothing OTHER than bad intentions.

Something else slapped me hard in the face while I was there. And that was that the British have, or will soon have two sets of bonds to break if we all are going to get this world to a place where it should be.

On one of our outings in London gawking with the rest of the tourists, we even accidentally saw the queen. Or should that be Queen? We were wandering around in front of Buck palace with a thin crowd when she was driven out of one of the side gates right by us. I was standing only a few feet from where her car was being driven past as she gave us one of her little “Queeny Waves”. My first instinct was to slap the hood(bonnet) of her Rolls and scream in my best Brooklyn accent “Hey, we’re fuckin tryin to walk here!”. But I didn’t. I think the swarm of police on motorcycles around her vehicle might have taken a dim view. Ugly American. But I digress.

The whole idea of “class” is on the surface, entertaining and “quaint” to an Amerikan visitor to the UK. I’m sure it isn’t quite as charming to those that live under such a cultural edict. It is bondage from which few ever even dream of escape. We here don’t have that. We have jews. Well, in all fairness, so does the entire world, and the bank of Rothschild is even centered in England. But their culture, or lack thereof is centered here. This is their “promised land’ . They know it…we know it. It is our “bondage”, and WE live with it. Between the U.S. and israhell…there isn’t a dime’s worth of difference. One is larger than the other.

Many here say that Britain is about 30 years behind us, and always have been. I agree. They should be glad of that fact. I only saw a few blatantly obvious jewish influences while I was there. The biggest being Tesco(pronounced “Jack Cohen”). Typical jewish/amerikan marketing, with a British accent. If you English wonder what America is like, imagine super-shitty TV and a super-tesco (even though ours is called Wal-Mart)on EVERY street corner. That’s how far beyond you that we are.

Of course, you will catch up with us…I’m sorry to say. Your television(footballer’s wives?)is almost there now. It’s a shame really. You already have social bonds to deal with and your jewish bonds are just beginning to be strapped on.


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