Mach IV…Are You a Poop-head?…and Mike…

I read a lot of stuff out here. Like you, probably, I jump from link to link, barely taking notice of what site that a particular article or video is on. I HATE when I do that.

Usually I will bookmark an article if I haven’t finished it yet, but yesterday I was in the middle of about twenty things and the article in question was only one of them. It did however hold my short little attention span for long enough to make an impression, and I knew I wanted to comment on it. But it is gone. The article, not my thoughts on it.

The gist of the piece…and it was a long and well researched one, was that jews comprise the “base of evil” in the world, given that they are reared with the destructive notion of supremacy. However there were sub-classifications of Gentile “evil” in our world which operate in concert with this Talmudic ethos(or lack thereof) and they could be(and are in the post) identified. I believe there were four, according to the author. It reminded me a bit of Lobaczewski’s “Political Ponerology” in that sense. As a matter of fact, I think the piece even quotes him.

At any rate, the author placed much effort in describing the details of these sub-classifications, such as sociopaths and psychopaths Mach IV’s and APD(anti-social personality disorder).

After doing a search for this article, I find that it has been hashed and re-hashed over and over again to fit the requirements of whatever agenda those copying and pasting it, happen to have. I don’t even know with any certainty who actually penned the original item. The one I read was pandering to those that see the jewish religion as the basis for all these antisocial afflictions. Perhaps like me, you read this version. It doesn’t matter. The thrust of the article, I believe, needs to be de-bunked and I will attempt to do so in my own particular…oh, what is the word?….idiom?

When I read it, I was reminded of the old running gag that ” There are only two kinds of people in this world: those that(fill in the blank) and the rest of us.
The author spends an enormous amount of effort classifying particular shades of anti-social behaviour into these narrow descriptions, to the point that almost anyone could be diagnosed with one or the other of them. It brought to mind the jewish psycho-babble that the version I read would appear to disagree with in principal. Hmmmmm….interesting.

Enough about this. It is so convoluted in it’s supposed logic as to put the reader in a state of confusion as to who is or is not Machiavellian in their view of the world. To me is a just a tad bit more simple than that.
There are those that subscribe wholeheartedly to dictates of the Talmud…the ashkenazim, zionists, jews, hebrews or whatever you choose to call them..and all the ill-gotten gains that it brings. And then there are those Gentiles that for various reasons of vanity or lust, are willing to put all common-sense morality aside to serve those masters. Then…as the joke goes, there’s the rest of us.

Representative Mike Pence is one of those Gentiles of which I speak. Of course there are MANY Gentiles that bend over a bit for the jew, just to get along in his world. But then are those like Mike that not only bend over…they seem to enjoy it. And they bend us all over in the process.

If you are not familiar with good ole Mike, you will be, I’m sure. The jewish PTB have singled him out of the congressional whores to be their main squeeze…their “best bitch”. And there is nothing this guy won’t do to further their agenda. But to save you having to look for a bio on this guy, I will tell you that he ostensibly represents the Indiana farming community of the 6th district. Now there isn’t a huge jewish population in Mike’s constituency, however you can’t shut this guy up about israel and how he loves and wants to protect her. Huh? Indiana? Farmers? Israel? See the connection? Me either. He seems to have aspirations waaaay beyond the cornfields.
Of course he is just one of the latest sycophants to be groomed for higher office and there are many…but this guy irks hell outta me. Could be that he is using the district in which I currently reside as a spring-board to bigger and better jewish ass-kissing, that gets me steamed. Whatever it is, he seems to embody ALL 4 catagories that the above-mentioned article(remember that?) describes.
After his highly covered speeches about how poor little israhell was threatened by the mean old Gaza flotilla terrorists, I had had enough. I had to write and set him straight on a few things. With a bit of trepidation concerning any possible “local” reprisals(ah, what the hell) I will now post a portion of our email exchange and let you be the judge of into which category this psychopath/sociopath/whore/poop-head, falls. You can imagine the letter from him that educed my following response:

Mr. Pence,
I’m sorry but, although I am not really the type of “nut” that writes their congressman…your response was unacceptable and wrong on so many levels, that I feel compelled to rebut. Even though I know that AIPAC gives you enough money to hire people to answer these bothersome missives for you, I could not sleep nights if I didn’t at least call a spade a spade, and a sycophant a jerk.

First. Israel was not founded by “holocaust survivors”. Where in the world did you come up with that. Israel was founded by the Irgun, a terrorist organization that originated in Russia. Are you that misinformed, or do you think that we the voters are?

Second. You are right…Israel has one of the most vibrant economies of the world. It should, we give them ten million dollars a day in aid…but you know this.

Third. Israel is not a success…it is a miserable failure.
A violent apartheid racist embarrassment to the world.

Forth. Why should I care if israel is a democracy anymore than I care if Russia is communist. Or are you under some delusion that WE are a democracy? Perhaps you should go back to school and listen this time when they tell you that we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. Not a democracy…the most easily corruptible form of government known to history…and what our founders WARNED us about.

Fifth and last. Israel is not our ally. It is your blackmailer….but you know this all too well.

Yours, with disgust for everything you hold in esteem,


As you can see, I don’t take kindly to being “represented” by those concerned with hebrew asses…wiping or kissing…or both. But Mike is a good example of what I DO agree with about the article I mentioned.
If you could somehow miraculously make all jews disappear in an instant, you would still have the whores(and I hesitate to use that term. All of the prostitutes that I have met, will first tell you what they WON’T do for money) like Mr. Pence to deal with. So what psychiatric classification he embodies is of little consequence….there are assholes in this world that are not jews…and if it was the Amish that had taken over Washington and ran all the banks and the media…folks like Mike would be driving a horse-and-buggy rig, and not a Mercedes.


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