You Know What’s In There…

I read an article the other day. It was all about the fact that we are allowed to do this. If “they” want to shut us down…they will. That hit home with me. There is a line, that if we shuffle one foot over, will bring un-devine retribution and we will disappear into obscurity. It happens. We have all seen it. I don’t know where that line is, here in the dark. Maybe that is the plan, if there is one.

Sometimes I feel like an unwitting Emmanuel Goldstein. We have been dismissed however…us out here beating our heads against each other. We are on the fringe of society and when it comes right down to it, hated by most whose biggest decision of the day is deciding between a number 1 or a number2 for lunch. That hate they manufacture for us in their media goes by many names…tin-foil hatters(mad?), conspiracy theorists, anti-semites, lefties, home-grown terrorists…and on and on. I never really thought it would come to this.

When I was a youngster reading Orwell’s prescient novel it was just a book. At the time I thought that things could never get to that point. And I was right. They never will. Not the way he predicted. The limits of decency in his mind could not have fathomed the methods by which we would reach his worst nightmare, when he penned it the year after terrorist jews invaded Palestine and set up their base of operations.
Somewhere in my head there was relief when we reached 1984 and I looked around at the world and saw no invasion of privacy to speak of…no big government pervasive in my life and no global wars which we were herded into halls to cheer. And I could still get razors anytime I wanted them. My room 101 was empty.

This novel has been co-opted by the media and is now seen as an antiquity…fear porn if you will. The kids doing book reports on it(if they still do, I dunno) are using the same sentence to begin their essay: “I think this book is a warning….”. It has become passe and irrelevant. It is now published in it’s gazillionth edition by Simon and Schuster. Ironic. IT has become Emmanuel. It’s images of hatred have been hijacked, by hollyweird and hence popular culture… to include the fear, but not the rats.

I am not going to harangue about the modern mis-interpretations of this work. We all know out here…we Winstons…that there are no real years anymore. Time stopped in 1948. It is always that year and it shows no sign of progressing any further. But what of the fear?
There is something about reading a book or watching a movie that compresses and takes you out of time. You don’t see things clearly when they happen slowly. They know this. In this novel we are thrust to a time of nightmarish oppression quickly. To live it in transition is something entirely different. Funny really. What I have seen over half a century is mind-boggling to say the least. But how do I tell us all? Who save we few will listen.

Room 101 holds a collective fear now. They don’t need to threaten anyone individually with tailored horrors. They have crafted our imagination and we have allowed it. It’s off-the-rack and we can’t get our wallets out fast enough. None of us want to go to that room to which they alone hold the key.
Every single facet of Orwell’s dreadful world is right here and now. Slavery, death, war without end, blind obedience to screens, torture…it’s all here. And we invited it because of what is in that room….

That novel is in the room. And in it’s newest edition it has a mirror-like cover.

If they hold a particular method to an end as the ultimate evil, they can achieve the same end by way of that deception.

“By way of deception…”


Religion…a Rock and a Hard Place

I hate religion. All religions…no matter what. They deal in things that I can’t sense. Sense is a big thing with me. If I can’t touch or smell or see something, I have a hard time believing it’s there. And even if it is there and I can’t sense it, well I guess I see it as negligible. This of course rules out the presence of say distant galaxies or inert gases. So let’s just deal with the metaphysical for the moment. That for which there is no scientific evidence of existence. From what I have read on the subject, it seems to me that most all religions can be traced back to a point in time when they were established for some sort of political control of people. I see no difference today. I hate being controlled.

I was raised in a loosely Christian home, in a loosely Christian nation. I use the word loosely as opposed to say, a theocracy in which religion plays a huge part in everyday life. Like most Americans at some point, I went to Sunday-school. I was exposed to all the myths and legends of gods and angels and heaven and hell, from a Christian point of view. I rejected it as BS, from an early age and have found no reason to retreat to it, as yet. But that is just a little background…not really important.
I grew to accept that Christians were people just like me that appeared to have a need to subjugate themselves to some imaginary creator which they could not sense, in lieu of questioning their upbringing. Fine. Stupid, in my estimation, but kind of understandable. Looking at existence from a philosophical perspective, or using science to explain the mysteries of life is much more time-absorbing than to just accept, even if only on the surface, what you were taught in a little room with other children upstairs in a church. So most Christians “believe” , more out of dismissal than probably anything else. I am sure it is that way with most all religions. It is when these Sunday-school fairy-tales are used for a reason to harm or kill others(the original purpose of these belief systems) that I abhor them. Much like an unloaded gun is ok with me if it is mounted securely on a wall as decoration, but when it is taken down, loaded and used as it was designed …my tolerance for it vanishes.

Although I cannot speak for every religion, I know that Christianity for the most part is a theology of kindness, forgiveness and one of tolerance. Although it has been misused in it’s history by politicians to commit unspeakable violence, as it is practiced on an everyday level, and taking the teachings of it’s founder(loosely) it was meant to be a calmer and more humanistic faith. And like it or not( I am a bit of a realist) those are “my” people. I understand them for the most part. And because most of their creed is of a common-sense variety(thou shalt not kill, turn the other cheek, love your neighbor etc.) I am not violently opposed to the adherents of such a religion…save the assault on my intelligence.
Most religions affect me that way. Believe what you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or involve me.
Then comes the “religion” of modern judaism. This is a funny creature without a clear-cut history. The inhabitants of the jews-only terrorist state of israel and in places of power in the western world, are a mixed breed of a religion. You have sephardi, ashkenazim, hasidic, reform, but mostly secular atheists pretending to be religious or seeing their parent’s religion as a “race” or culture to which they belong. Most all faiths have sects. However no other religion of which I am aware try to identify themselves as a race among men. When you factor in the “our religion is the only TRUE one” ideal held by most all religions, and you identify your religion as a “race” or an ethnic culture replete with bloodlines…then your asking for trouble. Because you will not only believe that your religion is the one true one, logically it would follow that your “race” is the one true one. Racism.
If judaism had a basic sophism resembling Christianity, then that might work. Judaism has an ethos of self. Everything is for the advancement of jews only. It is spelled out in their holy books. The Gentile is here for their use, speaking in cultural terms. Therefore we have racial superiority…a supremacist philosophy built in. Dangerous…and obnoxious.
Now we observe the clash. The clash between judaism or as they know themselves through their mythology, “the chosen ones”, and the rest of the Gentile world. You see, these jews do not have the same common-sense morality that is inclusive of all men. Their code is for they alone.
We will add to this horrible mix the fact that jews have no real regard for the Gentile and even a distinct scriptural HATRED for them. Hence, when the jew has cheated and stole his way to a place of power in, say a Christian society, those morals that Christians hold will be slowly destroyed around them.

When we look at the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, whether it is a forgery or not…this is what we are witnessing. The jewish power structure that has been built…oh so patiently in a Gentile world, dictating against everything that most hold to be true and good. Whether Christian, Muslim, Hindi….whatever, the hebrew has paved HIS way through the lives of ethical behaviour to suit his lack thereof.

So when it comes to my thoughts on religion, I am caught between a rock and a hard place. Hating the purpose of all faiths, and yet having even more disdain for the jew that destroys the everyday ethics of the Gentile world…I’m screwed.

What Are We Breeding?

I dunno…call me old fashioned. I can’t get these images out of my head.

And I am probably going to get some hate mail from the female portion of my readers, but…what kind of feminine animal is the world crafting.
I won’t go into a Henry Makow rant about the “good old days” when women wore skirts and stayed at home to raise their babies. Really I am not a chauvinist…I don’t think. Unless that definition includes one that once held the belief that women had more common sense than men. I always looked to women for grounding. You know the Jane Darwell type of female model that can always provide the big picture to us males. The character that sees things in perspective and allows for human frailty. I long for that female that is patient and not given to male endeavors of war and politics and are not swayed by the foolishness of men, but provide us with guidance through our journey here, be it mother, wife or daughter. How have we perverted that female human? Is she still here? Why is she no longer on our pedestals, but now seem to exist to do our bidding only,or mimic our male mindset of thinking no further than our stubborn noses?

Or did I dream this kind of woman?
It’s pretty well accepted that the liberated woman is a touchy one. You can’t point out for example that the ERA legislation was merely a khazarian stroke of genius to instantly double the tax-base. Or that even way back when…the Women’s Temperance League and suffrage movement that brought about prohibition was merely jewish oil interests trying to outlaw home production of alcohol because it would compete with their fossil-fuel sales for autos. Or that it was perceived easier to impress a female voter with male candidates. This pulls the rug from under their imagined emancipation. And I can understand that. For eons, women have been used in one way or another by men. If they were not forced to play the “sexual object” role then they were coerced into emulating the male one. Pushed and pulled, often never seeing from where or from whom. I can understand their “touchiness”. They must be constantly pissed off. I don’t think I would want to be one.

Maybe I am making much ado about nothing. Maybe I place too much importance on the difference in the sexes. Maybe we aren’t that different. That appears to be what the jewish media would have us believe. Perhaps women should be regarded as just smaller men. No smarter, no wiser… no more liberated. I dunno.


Although born of a jewish father and Roman Catholic mother, Oliver Stone must be one of those “self-hating” jews.

I never really cared for his films, but I have to admit that we can use someone with his clout on our side. He was being interviewed about an upcoming special that he directed concerning WWII, when he let the cat out of the bag stating“Hitler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Dr. Frankenstein. German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support”. Also, when asked why their is so much focus on the holocaust, he stated that it was because of the “jewish domination of the media”. He stated in the interview that “israel has f*****d up America’s foreign policy for years” along with “Hitler is a scapegoat throughout history and it’s been used cheaply”.

He has been forced to recant the “slip of the tongue” after every hebrew in the book has come out against him. Probably the most vocal of which was David Harris of the AJC that stated,

“By invoking this grotesque, toxic stereotype, Oliver Stone has outed himself as an anti-Semite… For all of Stone’s progressive pretensions, his remark is no different from one of the drunken, Jew-hating rants of his fellow Hollywood celebrity, Mel Gibson”.

I knew we could throw Mel in there somewhere.

I just gained a little more respect for Mr. Stone. His mea culpa sounds about as convincing as Mel’s however. He stated that
“In trying to make a broader historical point about the range of atrocities the Germans committed against many people, I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and I regret. Jews obviously do not control media or any other industry”.

His apology sounds to me like “I’m sorry I sat on Billy’s chest and made him eat chalk, and I will never do it again”. And of course the sillier his apology appears, the more people will believe that it was hardly a drunken “mis-speak” so what he is saying may be absolutely true. Perhaps people will begin to realize that he only apologized because he had stepped on some pretty important toes. Toes that indeed DO control his and Mel’s careers. Another blow stricken to the monster, and this time from one of their own.

Another Think Piece and a Little Math…

I always liked those words…”think piece”. It’s a journalist’s label for an article that dissects a news event to show a deeper meaning. Maybe I like the phrase because when heard, not read, it can be “think peace”. No, I am not going to wax all peacenik on you(I always hated that word…too jewish).

It’s easy to be blinded by the speed at which things are happening recently. It’s hard to keep track. To pick any one of them and try dissecting is like chasing lost currency in the wind…you immediately focus on the one-hundred dollar notes, trying to retrieve the most valuable and lose sight of all the 20s swirling around your feet. Perhaps that is the way “they” want it. While focusing on the Gulf debacle, the Senate just green-lighted their yiddish master’s bid to bomb the shit out of Iran. While focusing on the lost cause of 9/11, the immigration issue got lost. Looking closely at a jew smearing a noble black woman, another filthy-rich, filthy jew buys his way out of punishment for raping dozens of children. While concentrating on an israhell-firster joining the Tea-Party, the UN is just beginning their under-publicized investigation into the slaughter that jews there orchestrated against “peaceniks”.

As our heads are constantly being snapped this way and that, trying to keep up with all the stories swirling around us, it is difficult to focus on the breeze that carries them in their spirals. There are few out here that are grounded and locked into watching the wind currents, and not what is being blown around by them,vying for our attention.

I have found a formula that works for grounding me. Many out here have also found it, but like most truths, it isn’t pretty. When I use this formula, as my HS chemistry teacher was wont to say, I just “chug and plug”. It always resolves. The correct answer is always there. And it is always the same.

For those of you that hate math(myself being one) this is not necessarily about numbers. Although it can be. There are quite a few constants in the equation : “Cui bono”, “Follow the money”, “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, “The Merchant of Venice”, “Blood Libel”. And there are many more, but they are interchangeable and all have intrinsically the same value in the formula.
So when I hear that Norman Finkelstein said this or that, or a suicide bomber kills sixty innocent bystanders…I plug it in and keep chugging through the equation, to the answer. It always amazes me how this formula is flawless and always produces the same correct conclusion. And as you were taught to check your math by taking that answer and working backwards…it always works.

That constant answer is always: JEWn where the value of JEW is zero and the power of same is seemingly infinite, assuming that all other elements remain static.
In another way of interpreting this answer, one could say that without resisting the actions of the jew, his power over the inert Gentile will increase ad infitum.

As I said however, this answer like most cold calculations, isn’t necessarily pretty. No frills. That milk-of-human-kindness thing is absent. We don’t want to think about it. So we are reticent to believe the equation’s answer. Our natural abhorrence to classifying an entire group of people as being “evil” makes us reluctant to accept such a mathematically correct conclusion. We tend to use words like zionist and neo-con to divorce us from believing that one particular religion and culture could hold such a disgusting value system that we witness being foisted upon us. But numbers and constants don’t lie. That is the fair of the hebrew in contention of these facts. They do indeed murder and rape children in their jews-only state and around the world. They are in fact the owners of the world media and that media lies in protection of them constantly.

So the simple equation produces another simple conclusion: IF IT IS IN THEIR MEDIA, IT BENEFITS THEM. QED

We have in our human history, used this simple calculation before. And we have acted on it’s inevitable conclusion. There have been pogroms. There will be another. But the coming one may be the last. The jew has introduced another element to the formula recently and that is guilt. Guilt for the pogroms of the past, culminating in “political correctness”. However, this value is being questioned as we speak and no matter what faux integers are thrown into the mix, we will return to the unforgiving nature of pure numbers…and think… and do the math.

The Plate Guy…

Few if any of you remember the plate spinning guy from the Ed Sullivan show. Hell, probably few remember Ed, when it comes right down to it. Of course you can watch syndication reproductions of the show on the OFC(old farts channel), but it ain’t the same.

When we all gathered around the eye in the corner on Sunday nights to see Ed’s fair for the week, it was live. All mistakes were seen and forgiven. And there were many. Ed was famous for cutting acts. When he told them they had 2 minutes to perform, he would often hustle the next act out, covered by a different camera, in 1 minute 42 seconds. It made for an interesting variety of WTF?

But outside of the Beatles debut and subsequent performances on his show, the plate guy was my favorite. I don’t know why.
This guy would come out on stage and make your stomach acids flare with his feats of balance and timing. For those of you that don’t know the age-old circus act, the idea was to spin plates on long fixed poles, and keep them spinning up there while you started more and more plates whirling on their poles so that at any given time in the act you had many of these plates balanced and rotating at 8 or so feet above the stage on flimsy sticks that you kept wiggling to balance the ceramic discs.
Of course as entropy would have it, the plate guy( I don’t think anyone remembers his name…didn’t matter) would have to, (once he got them all up and spinning), maintain their flights in turn before they fell. He fought gravity in a frenetic pace as he went from stick to stick, wiggling them in turn. You always watched for that most slowly spinning plate to see if he could get there in time to renew it’s orbit before it fell to the stage and shattered. It never did. Or at least we were never allowed to see that happen. But you can’t keep that kind of thing going on forever.

This act impressed me to no end. I loved and hated watching it. I guess we all felt that way. Because like the famous Wallendas, there could be a fall at any moment…and we would have to witness it. You don’t want to see anyone fail that tries so hard. Well, unless what they are trying so hard at is to deceive. Then it is a joy to watch the plates smash on the stage and the acrobat fall to his death. That is human nature I guess. We none of us want to be deceived, lied to, or taken for fools. It’s insulting and embarrassing.

Things continue to move fast and furiously on the world stage recently. We have the jewish child-molester twins being set free of any punishment for their despicable indulgences, a JAP (jewish-amerikan-princess)about to be appointed as a Supreme Court Justice, who has absolutely no experience or qualifications for that office, other than she belongs to the tribe. We have a zionist jew smearing the reputation of a decent black woman, israhell threatening to bomb Iran(ad vomitorum) and on and on and on…

But the plates are wobbling. There are too many up there. The plate guy can’t get from one decaying spin to the next without sprinting at full speed…and plates are falling to the stage. They are smashing around him and there is nothing he can do to stop them.

And I’m lovin it…to coin a phrase.

It’s all a failed act and Ed is about to cut it short and cue another camera. The audience sees the mistakes, the falling plates and the act cut short… and they are going to start demanding their money back. It’s as certain as gravity. The plate guy won’t be back next Sunday.