A New Direction…

You will notice that over in the left margin that I have altered the “boycott Israel” banner to read “boycott jews”. This is not a mistake.
This is the conclusion to which I have arrived concerning all things judaic. My gloves are off.
And to those raised as jews, I say abandon this disgusting religion and culture or face the banishment that is surely coming to you, in retribution to your association with this vile cult.

Some ask me why I publish so much about Palestine and their plight under the occupied forces of jews that stole their country. Why do I fly the Palestinian Flag? To me these should be just another group of people that live a world away from me that I cannot have any possible connection to. My concern about them and their hebrew foes should not go any deeper than the popular opinion of “oh, those people have been fighting with each other for centuries”.
Well of course this is a media-fed viewpoint and just another lie. And despite the fact that I do know a family of Palestinians living under this siege, that doesn’t matter. We are all Palestinians now. This situation and my rabid abhorrence to it, is to me merely the eruption on the surface of the skin of a violently ill body wh
ich must be treated systemically. The disease must be identified. It must be correctly diagnosed or any attempt at a cure will be treating the symptoms only. The disease is the jew. We must call it what it is.

This disease must be fought by starving it of what it thrives upon… and that is acceptance. Acceptance as a valid religion or culture that is capable of cohabiting peacefully among other humans, in it’s true form. It cannot. Palestine is a vivid demonstration of this.

And it has been the focus of my argument against the jewish religion for years. I have used it to try to show the “patient” of civilized humanity, in my humble fashion…just how seriously this disease has progressed. Few listen to we that can see it, and many suffer and die because of this.

I have been advised by practically every doctor that I have seen for the last 20 years to quit smoking. I don’t get indignant about their advice(nor do I follow it). They are just trying to point to the dangers through their understanding of it’s seriousness. I respect that but have been addicted far too long to successfully quit at my advanced age. It may be the cause of my death, or I may be lucky and get hit by a bus.
Back when I started smoking, no one knew any better. It was seductive. We were not warned. We didn’t understand the dangers. But just as we were ignorant of those life threatening effects of smoking and “accepted” the cause of so much suffering and death, so too have we treated the scourge of the jewish religion and turn
ed the blind eye to it’s blatant symptoms.

The world has begun to quit many bad habits. Let’s hope judaism and the acceptance of this horrible disease feeding on our ignorance can be halted in it’s tracks as well. I will attempt to be your doctor, and no matter what ailment you come to me with, I will constantly remind you to “quit” the jew. Starve it of acceptance.


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