I’ve never really been much on logic puzzles.  Though I am fascinated how some people reach the conclusions they do sometimes.

To break up my long hours before the computer screen, typing till my fingers are numb, I have left the MSM news channels on in the background for noise the past few days.  Occasionally switching around, give them all a fair shake to state their cases.  It is interesting to note who runs what as the top stories and which are shoved to the in-between-bites.  And then those stories that don’t even make mention ….

Anyway, the Kagan hearings have obviously dominated much of the commentary.  Course, today she is sharing a split screen with Petraeous.  Anywho … both sides (meaning the Rs and Ds) are debating qualifications … and amongst all the chatter there has only been one Spin Doctor to pick up on, what I would consider to be, an important point no one else has considered.  Kagan’s confirmation will coincide with the hearing on Arizona’s Immigration Law.  Perfect timing, huh? It’s almost as though it were meant to be … And all this falls against the backdrop of the gun ruling handed down by the High Court yesterday before its recess.  Anyone else connecting the dots?  Or, more appropriately, is anyone else even Seeing the dots???

I sit idle watching the script play out on the screen before me.  The Spin Doc’s observation has caught my attention … Someone else thinking outside the Prefab Box.  All the Kings Men (and Women) lined obediently side by side to ask those burning questions that must be asked … it is convention … And in the end, it doesn’t matter.  The court is being shaped to suit the needs of the moment.  That is the problem I personally have with lifetime appointments.  The “unconventional-conventional” marriage of Timeliness and Context.  But that is a fuzzy, wavy avenue of thought … and irrelevant really … b/c it is all an Illusion.


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