Psychopathic Lying…

One thing that always leaves me speechless is how normal people listen to known psychopathic liars and try to find some truth in what they are saying.

We all lie. Sometimes. “That shirt looks great on you!” ,” I’m sorry I didn’t call you, but I got very busy”, ” I don’t think I was exceeding the speed limit” ….and such. These are usually escapes from embarrassing situations or devices to hide our true emotions. These are acceptable in most all cultures that I know of. They are not intended to harm, and are usually told to avoid harming others.

It is when lying is used as a tool to harm, to cheat or to take unfair advantage and is a learned psychopathic personality trait…that is when the whole thing gets complicated. Because the psychopathic liar will of course lie about his lying. “Oh what a tangled web…” and all that. I don’t know how they keep their stories straight…well, actually they don’t. But somehow(pronounced “media control”), that doesn’t matter.
The terrorist camp of zionism inside Palestine is the bastion of such liars. They are ruled by liars and the entire philosophy of their” “jews only” state is based on lies. They lie about their history. They lie about their intentions. They lie about their killing. They lie about their nuclear weapons cache. As a matter of fact, they will lie about anything that makes them look like anything other than entirely innocent persecuted people that just want to “defend” themselves.


So why, when this or that representative of that horrible state makes a public statement, does ANYONE believe them? It boggles the mind how anyone can sift through all their illusions that are always proven false,in an attempt to locate any human dignity in their persona.
If a zionist told me the sun was shining…I’d go out and look for myself. But maybe that’s just me.

I am reminded of a rare incident in which I took a jew’s promise that he wouldn’t do something that I specifically asked him not to do. When I eventually found that he had acted contrary to his word, I confronted him. He told me that he was sorry. When that wasn’t enough for my satisfaction(this incident was VERY upsetting and costly to me), he told me that he had always been taught that it is better to lie about what you want to do, and if caught in your lie, you can merely apologize…and you got what you wanted to do in the first place. This is hard for a Gentile to understand, but it is the jewish way of life. There is no word-of-honor taught in the hebrew household that I have ever come across. Especially when dealing with the Gentile. It is in their religion. It is in their culture. We “goyim” need to keep that in mind 24/7. No matter how many depictions of jewish “honor”(now THERE’S an oxymoron) you are fed through the media…a jew’s/zionist’s word is NOT his bond.


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