A Star is Born … Another Burns Out …

Rumblings and mumblings;  
Nebraska chooses its side. 
Supporters chant,
Those in opposition continue to rant.

Failed attempt at some lyrical writing.  Point being that things move quickly.  Since last post, the silence has shuttered with mumblings writhing to the surface.  Everyone knows that the discontent hasn’t dissipated, it has merely been napping for a little while … will soon awaken hungry for more attention.  And instead of any constructive conversation between opposing sides there will be more of the same … heated discussions, walks, protests, loud conversations, all those things that make the unwavering nervous … The undertones of violence held comfortably amidst the words spoken by members of the Grand Ol Party are completely unnecessary. Someone should have their mouth washed out with soap … or courses in the way to properly engage the public … meaning, reconnecting the switch leading from mind to mouth; might work wonders to plug the perpetual slippage that keeps occurring … gushing poison … words of violence and division … Ooops, didn’t mean to say that. Annie grab your gun!  Ooops, didn’t mean to say that either.  Hate it when that happens.  

Neither here nor there really.  Important to keep one’s eye on the ball that is in front.  Not to look back, wastes time, and precious tax-payer monies.  Can’t be wasteful.  Gotta give them what they want.  Reinforce stereotypes, misconceptions, delusions, misinformation, and keep them ignorant.  Just remember, ignorance can be fixed.  

Those who came before are watching things play out now and are shaking their heads in shame. When trying to make a difference, it should be done in a capacity that is respectful and not a mockery or satirical adaptation of history.  Though it repeats when given time, history is a teacher, if we would only pay attention.  In the times we are now facing, this should be one thing we can all afford.  


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