I have been seeing a lot of comparisons lately concerning modern israhell and Nazi Germany.

Well, that’s a good thing. The world needs to see this. Everything “known” about the Nazi regime in the late 30’s to the end of the second world war needs to be compared to what jews are doing in the middle-east at this very moment. There is LITTLE difference.

If anything israhell is worse. But that would make sense. Because one is true and one is a sexual fantasy.

Sexual fantasies are funny things. For anyone that has tried to actually live one of them has found that reality has a curious way of intervening. It is almost never the way you picture it in that dark recess of your mind. Women are people, not robots or porno-actresses. Whips and chains actually hurt…etc. Sexual fantasy should remain just that, and should generally not be recreated in your bedroom…or on a battlefield, government politics or foreign policy.

You will notice that in the opening paragraph, I use quotation marks around the word “known”.
What I have learned from reading many sides of the history of Nazi Germany, (no matter which axe you have to grind) is that it didn’t really happen the way most people believe it did. There is a reason for this fantastic view, however.

In the late 30’s Adolf Hitler’s party came to power in Germany by playing to it’s population’s sentiments that “the world is going to hell in a handbag”, “we Germans understand the correct way to live”(which had a lot to do with family values), and the fact that jewish interests before, during and after WWI had eroded these Teutonic values and put the country into horrible debt.

Like israhell, a few psychopathic leaders foisted a charismatic speaker to the fore to push their agenda. They were fanatics, yes. But they of course did have some valid points…added into their propaganda, they whipped their country’s populace into a pro-German frenzy, that would have been contained,(there were no Germa
n aspirations for world control or any such thing…that is the stuff of movies) had it not been for the fact that the international jew, one: saw himself being degraded once again to second-class citizenry in Germany, and two: saw the opportunity to profit in many, many ways through a huge multi-national war. Whether or not jewish financiers funded both sides of the conflict(which wouldn’t have been the first time) is immaterial. The main thing is that jews fantasized about the money and political power that they could gain from such a venture.

But back to sex. As anyone can see, the treatment of jews in particular was no worse (and much better) than any POW camps that have ever existed throughout history. This fact is well documented by the Red Cross and documents that up until recently were hidden to protect this “holocaust” fantasy of the tribe. There was camp currency issued to prisoners, and there were many amenities inside these supposed death camps, including brothels for “jews only”. It is not disputed. That always interested me.

Look at any jewish depiction of the “holohoax”, and you will see the sexual slant. Why is that? Well, as I have said before, if there is anything other than supremacy that is taught in jewish homes, it is sexual amorality. The tradition of yiddish theater, married with a deviance concerning all matters sexual, is historically famous for being pushed onto the various cultures in which the jews have lived. We all know who runs the porno industry, sex-trafficking, etc… Unfortunately for them, the Wiemar era in post war Germany was such a sordid projection and the Germans had had enough.

So all the tales from 1945 to present about how horribly jews were treated by the sexually depraved Nazis, are merely a projection of how THEY would act if they were in charge. Add to this twisted mix in modern israhell, two generations of their offspring that actually BELIEVE these lies about the holohoax, and you have one sick, pissed off citizenry. Now they have Palestine. They have their theater and their fantasies. Israhell: A place where they can live the sexual fairy-tales that they invented and ascribed to Nazis.

But of course that damned “reality” thing is intervening for them. Palestinians, Lebanese, Turks…anyone that comes under the hand of their whips…are actual people. Not actors in a holocaust movie. Of course they are getting their sexual excitement, but it just isn’t working the way they envisioned. The world is sick of them, and their disgusting, violent, sexual culture.

So I think it is important not to confuse the real depravity of the perpetrators of sick violence in israhell, with their fantasy of such, that they ascribed to Germans.


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