Could it be Chistmas in June?

Could it be? Is it all coming apart for the tribe?

It’s beginning to feel like Christmas eve. I’m getting excited. Just what I’ve always wanted!

With the utterances of Helen Thomas starting off this week and her forced retirement( do you really think the WHOLE world of journalism is going to buy into that?), and this just after the raid on the flotilla last week, it’s looking bad for the international jew. It’s about damned time.

Let me see what else is under the June Christmas tree for us. Ah-ha…we have a Van Der Sloot…and look there under that branch. Isn’t that a Rubashkin bribing jurors I see? We are really outdoing ourselves this season.
All these presents makes me want to re-read Les’ articles on Karma and how it has a nasty habit of revisiting us all…for good or bad.

In this “Age of the Jew”, we are seeing cracks and fissures and even gaping chasms now. No one conquers the world…no rulers rule forever.

But hold on to your presents kiddies…it’s not time to open them all yet. They are not going to give up that easily.

Our favorite anti-gentile Abey, is working overtime…I feel for this guy…really. I mean he has spent his whole career trying to manufacture anti-jewish incidents, now they are coming in so fast, he hardly has time to remember who he has called a bigot or an anti-semite. He’s swamped. I think we need to help him keep his job though. We need to do all we can so that he has a continuous flow of hatred toward that shitty little religion of his. So keep the feeling coming folks… fly a Palestinian flag in front of your house like I do. Sign petitions. Write your local paper. Piss off “those” that would take offense. Let’s do all we can to help these people defame themselves.

Things are getting so bad for the hebrew, that I am getting my stories from the MSM. It’s to the point that their spin attempts are becoming humorous entertainment, when they even bother.

THANK YOU SANTA CLAUSE!!! I promise to be “good” forever now! Thank you for this Christmas in June. What a great time to be alive and witness the destruction of evil…by their own hands.


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