I fell asleep waiting for word from her ship. I feel that somehow I let her down a little bit.

Bad things can happen when you doze off…The IDF is now reporting that they”peacefully” boarded the Rachel Corrie and redirected her to an israhelli port. I’ll wait for the real story. Heaven knows you can’t believe anything those jews say.

But it’s more important than that. Even if the ship was just re-directed and the 19 passengers are going to be “processed” and deported, this was another victory in the battle. How many people in the world, before this last lone ship sailed stubbornly toward it’s original destination of Gaza, even knew who Rachel Corrie was? With every story(and there were many out there) hoping for more blood to spin, the authors felt compelled to explain that she was a peace activist murdered by israhell in 2003. Israhell does not want this anymore than the bad press that they brought upon themselves with the murderous rage upon the flotilla’s flagship 5 days ago.

Good. I want to see them suffer for a change. The more the better. And even though my change jingles in their pockets, the memory of Rachel will NOT go away for them…or the world which is growing more and more to hate everything this failed state stands for. Racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, theft, violence and opulence for themselves in the face of it all.

The world is seeing now, and will see as more flotillas launch toward Gaza that this, the real-world outpost for the Rothschild monster, is the only REAL enemy of humanity, and must be erased from history.


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