Hamas and Al-Qaeda and Iran!…oh my

The recent speech by Benjamin Netanyahu defending the israeli Memorial Day massacre, has got to be one of the most ridiculous speeches in the history of politics. It ranks up there with “peace in our time” and “a date which will live in infamy”.
I cannot believe he actually uttered the words that he did. Tha
nk goodness someone stopped him or he would have been foaming at the mouth and pointing fingers at the wicked witch of the west! He might as well have…he named every other fictional boogy-men known to mankind. But I need to be set straight on his story(which I notice has become the official AP party-line) a bit. Since anyone that dares think of the Palestinians as suffering human beings, are either terrorists or naive dupes of terrorists…which are we all? By his account, anyone other than an israeli jew is one or the other. I have donated to several “Free Gaza” foundations and purchased cement that was on those ships…and I have met very few jews and NO zionists that I liked, so what group do I fall into? Which one is the lady pictured over there on the right?

At one point he stated that Iran would smuggle weapons into Gaza via these “supposed” relief craft,and would set up an “Iranian port on the Mediterranean”, if israhell were to lift the blockade. Perhaps he should ask his doctor if Hemlock is right for him. This man should be in a home somewhere.

Of course he used every old jewish saw there is including of course the “they were pawns for terrorists” bullshit that they tried with the Rachel Corrie murder. As he spoke about terrorist extremists wanting to destroy israel, the thought occurred to me, as I am sure it did to others, that…”why should they bother? …you are doing a better job of it than any terrorist could” He makes that shitty little country look as insane, paranoid and self-destructive as they really are. The bloody murderous raid on the Freedom Flotilla, along with the ashkanazi jew’s entire history in the region says to the world, not only do they NOT have a right to defend themselves, they are de-legitimatized as a nation, and are truly a “failed state”. And they should all be locked up in a loony bin with no doors.

Even one of their “own” psychiatrists would have a field day if they were to look at this jews-only state as a single patient. They exhibit all the symptoms of violent paranoid schizophrenia with a huge dose of delusions of grandeur. It’s always amusing to laugh at the guy in the nuthouse that walks around with his hand under his lapel and is thoroughly convinced he is Napoleon…but you don’t give this flippio jerk, weapons and a nuts-only country.

It will be interesting(and I hope not again tragic) to see what happens Saturday when the Rachel Corrie shows up.

There are rumors out here in the REAL media that they may be escorted by a fleet of the Turkish Navy. Good. I hope so. Then the world will see that these assclowns are as cowardly as they are insane. As Dorothy said “why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” The jewish state and their IDF thugs are very adept at killing and maiming unarmed women and children…I wonder how much “courage” they have when they are faced with someone that can defend themselves?


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