He’s Getting There…

What a joy to have this fellow on our side.
What a debater. I truly believe there isn’t a zionist with “talking points” around that could best him. He’s been there…done that, and has the courage of a lion.
And he is getting to the “point”…

Of course you will never see him on your tee-vee in the good ‘ol US of I…


I’ve never really been much on logic puzzles.  Though I am fascinated how some people reach the conclusions they do sometimes.

To break up my long hours before the computer screen, typing till my fingers are numb, I have left the MSM news channels on in the background for noise the past few days.  Occasionally switching around, give them all a fair shake to state their cases.  It is interesting to note who runs what as the top stories and which are shoved to the in-between-bites.  And then those stories that don’t even make mention ….

Anyway, the Kagan hearings have obviously dominated much of the commentary.  Course, today she is sharing a split screen with Petraeous.  Anywho … both sides (meaning the Rs and Ds) are debating qualifications … and amongst all the chatter there has only been one Spin Doctor to pick up on, what I would consider to be, an important point no one else has considered.  Kagan’s confirmation will coincide with the hearing on Arizona’s Immigration Law.  Perfect timing, huh? It’s almost as though it were meant to be … And all this falls against the backdrop of the gun ruling handed down by the High Court yesterday before its recess.  Anyone else connecting the dots?  Or, more appropriately, is anyone else even Seeing the dots???

I sit idle watching the script play out on the screen before me.  The Spin Doc’s observation has caught my attention … Someone else thinking outside the Prefab Box.  All the Kings Men (and Women) lined obediently side by side to ask those burning questions that must be asked … it is convention … And in the end, it doesn’t matter.  The court is being shaped to suit the needs of the moment.  That is the problem I personally have with lifetime appointments.  The “unconventional-conventional” marriage of Timeliness and Context.  But that is a fuzzy, wavy avenue of thought … and irrelevant really … b/c it is all an Illusion.

A New Direction…

You will notice that over in the left margin that I have altered the “boycott Israel” banner to read “boycott jews”. This is not a mistake.
This is the conclusion to which I have arrived concerning all things judaic. My gloves are off.
And to those raised as jews, I say abandon this disgusting religion and culture or face the banishment that is surely coming to you, in retribution to your association with this vile cult.

Some ask me why I publish so much about Palestine and their plight under the occupied forces of jews that stole their country. Why do I fly the Palestinian Flag? To me these should be just another group of people that live a world away from me that I cannot have any possible connection to. My concern about them and their hebrew foes should not go any deeper than the popular opinion of “oh, those people have been fighting with each other for centuries”.
Well of course this is a media-fed viewpoint and just another lie. And despite the fact that I do know a family of Palestinians living under this siege, that doesn’t matter. We are all Palestinians now. This situation and my rabid abhorrence to it, is to me merely the eruption on the surface of the skin of a violently ill body wh
ich must be treated systemically. The disease must be identified. It must be correctly diagnosed or any attempt at a cure will be treating the symptoms only. The disease is the jew. We must call it what it is.

This disease must be fought by starving it of what it thrives upon… and that is acceptance. Acceptance as a valid religion or culture that is capable of cohabiting peacefully among other humans, in it’s true form. It cannot. Palestine is a vivid demonstration of this.

And it has been the focus of my argument against the jewish religion for years. I have used it to try to show the “patient” of civilized humanity, in my humble fashion…just how seriously this disease has progressed. Few listen to we that can see it, and many suffer and die because of this.

I have been advised by practically every doctor that I have seen for the last 20 years to quit smoking. I don’t get indignant about their advice(nor do I follow it). They are just trying to point to the dangers through their understanding of it’s seriousness. I respect that but have been addicted far too long to successfully quit at my advanced age. It may be the cause of my death, or I may be lucky and get hit by a bus.
Back when I started smoking, no one knew any better. It was seductive. We were not warned. We didn’t understand the dangers. But just as we were ignorant of those life threatening effects of smoking and “accepted” the cause of so much suffering and death, so too have we treated the scourge of the jewish religion and turn
ed the blind eye to it’s blatant symptoms.

The world has begun to quit many bad habits. Let’s hope judaism and the acceptance of this horrible disease feeding on our ignorance can be halted in it’s tracks as well. I will attempt to be your doctor, and no matter what ailment you come to me with, I will constantly remind you to “quit” the jew. Starve it of acceptance.

Psychopathic Lying…

One thing that always leaves me speechless is how normal people listen to known psychopathic liars and try to find some truth in what they are saying.

We all lie. Sometimes. “That shirt looks great on you!” ,” I’m sorry I didn’t call you, but I got very busy”, ” I don’t think I was exceeding the speed limit” ….and such. These are usually escapes from embarrassing situations or devices to hide our true emotions. These are acceptable in most all cultures that I know of. They are not intended to harm, and are usually told to avoid harming others.

It is when lying is used as a tool to harm, to cheat or to take unfair advantage and is a learned psychopathic personality trait…that is when the whole thing gets complicated. Because the psychopathic liar will of course lie about his lying. “Oh what a tangled web…” and all that. I don’t know how they keep their stories straight…well, actually they don’t. But somehow(pronounced “media control”), that doesn’t matter.
The terrorist camp of zionism inside Palestine is the bastion of such liars. They are ruled by liars and the entire philosophy of their” “jews only” state is based on lies. They lie about their history. They lie about their intentions. They lie about their killing. They lie about their nuclear weapons cache. As a matter of fact, they will lie about anything that makes them look like anything other than entirely innocent persecuted people that just want to “defend” themselves.


So why, when this or that representative of that horrible state makes a public statement, does ANYONE believe them? It boggles the mind how anyone can sift through all their illusions that are always proven false,in an attempt to locate any human dignity in their persona.
If a zionist told me the sun was shining…I’d go out and look for myself. But maybe that’s just me.

I am reminded of a rare incident in which I took a jew’s promise that he wouldn’t do something that I specifically asked him not to do. When I eventually found that he had acted contrary to his word, I confronted him. He told me that he was sorry. When that wasn’t enough for my satisfaction(this incident was VERY upsetting and costly to me), he told me that he had always been taught that it is better to lie about what you want to do, and if caught in your lie, you can merely apologize…and you got what you wanted to do in the first place. This is hard for a Gentile to understand, but it is the jewish way of life. There is no word-of-honor taught in the hebrew household that I have ever come across. Especially when dealing with the Gentile. It is in their religion. It is in their culture. We “goyim” need to keep that in mind 24/7. No matter how many depictions of jewish “honor”(now THERE’S an oxymoron) you are fed through the media…a jew’s/zionist’s word is NOT his bond.

A Little Trouble…

Finally back in the states…


Had a bit of a problem at security flying out of London to the U.S. of israhell though.  Without even giving a glance at my face, and just by looking at the name on my passport and comparing it to a computer screen, I was escorted along with 2 African men, an Arab and a loud French woman…to a “special” room for questioning and “cozy” intimate searches of my person and carry-on.  

For all of you out there publishing sites that think you aren’t stepping on some “tribal”  toes and won’t be singled out somewhere, sometime….think again.  It ain’t fun. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions…as calmly as possible(I got the distinct impression that I was being baited to become angry).
I was interrogated by a gentleman in a suit that was obviously not a security goon, as I was being searched.  “What was the purpose of my visit to the UK?”…”whom did I contact/meet in the country…”   blah, blah,blah…
Then of course there was the embarrassment of being the last passenger to board the plane.

A Star is Born … Another Burns Out …

Rumblings and mumblings;  
Nebraska chooses its side. 
Supporters chant,
Those in opposition continue to rant.

Failed attempt at some lyrical writing.  Point being that things move quickly.  Since last post, the silence has shuttered with mumblings writhing to the surface.  Everyone knows that the discontent hasn’t dissipated, it has merely been napping for a little while … will soon awaken hungry for more attention.  And instead of any constructive conversation between opposing sides there will be more of the same … heated discussions, walks, protests, loud conversations, all those things that make the unwavering nervous … The undertones of violence held comfortably amidst the words spoken by members of the Grand Ol Party are completely unnecessary. Someone should have their mouth washed out with soap … or courses in the way to properly engage the public … meaning, reconnecting the switch leading from mind to mouth; might work wonders to plug the perpetual slippage that keeps occurring … gushing poison … words of violence and division … Ooops, didn’t mean to say that. Annie grab your gun!  Ooops, didn’t mean to say that either.  Hate it when that happens.  

Neither here nor there really.  Important to keep one’s eye on the ball that is in front.  Not to look back, wastes time, and precious tax-payer monies.  Can’t be wasteful.  Gotta give them what they want.  Reinforce stereotypes, misconceptions, delusions, misinformation, and keep them ignorant.  Just remember, ignorance can be fixed.  

Those who came before are watching things play out now and are shaking their heads in shame. When trying to make a difference, it should be done in a capacity that is respectful and not a mockery or satirical adaptation of history.  Though it repeats when given time, history is a teacher, if we would only pay attention.  In the times we are now facing, this should be one thing we can all afford.