I think I was about 14 maybe. That’s when I rejected Christianity…along with all other religions. I have found no evidence to make me seriously reconsider joining any religion since. To me it’s a no-brainer.

But to others it would be a no-brainer to even consider such a rejection. There’s no accounting for the difference in people. That I understand. We are goofy creatures, humans.

I am no Richard Dawkins
however. I don’t really care what people believe, or don’t believe. Until it infringes on me, or things I DO care about, I really couldn’t care less.

I think that’s more or less just common sense…which is losing it’s commonality recently.

A lot of people ask me why I have got it out for the jewish religion. Don’t I feel as though I am going to be judged less intelligent than I am, by this “anti-semitism” that I espouse constantly? Why pick on that religion as opposed to any other ones that I clearly have rejected?

If I had lived in the middle ages….I wouldn’t have had a very long life, I suspect. I think I would have been burned at the stake as a heretic at a rather young age. Not because I would virulently oppose the Christian doctrine per se….but what it allowed it’s followers to do with impunity, and without remorse. And that would be mistreating other humans in the name of their religion. That is what I oppose to the very marrow of my bones…and always will.

And I’m afraid that I am going to have to say, that if you in any way, shape or form, believe that because someone doesn’t believe in what you consider to be the “right” religious version of the universe…and you in ANY way harm them…from outright murder to exploitation to political pressure, because of this religious bullshit… then you are wrong, wrong and wrong. From Jesus-fucking-Christ, to asshole-Moses, to shit-head Mohammmad… if any of these imaginary beings ever reportedly said anything about hurting others due their religion or lack of it(and they all did)…then to HELL with them(if it existed). End of story.

Judaism is quickly becoming the Christian church of the dark ages. I didn’t choose this abhorrent religion to be the one in power at this moment in history that I happen to be walking through. It is the established holy-holy religion that cannot be questioned or challenged, in these modern times. It’s followers are full of themselves(as well as something else) and really think they are chosen, as I am sure the Crusaders felt back in the twelfth century.

But jews add a new twist to their “religious” supremacism. And that is that they aren’t really religious. This is a tribe…a club…a syndicate, if you will. These, for the most part, are NOT holy people, serving an imaginary being in the sky. These adherents worship the graven image of cash. To them money is power and power…well, is power. This also to me is a no-brainer.

So, then what do I expect of jews when I clamor for them to come round to my way of thinking? The same thing that I expect of everyone and what countless other sane people have done. Reject it. Reject the tenets of your particular religion and all it’s superiority and what that sentiment invariably leads to. I did. It’s not that hard. Really.

I understand why is so difficult for a jew to “reject” his religious upbringing however. Because, as opposed to most, the rewards of this religious code are of the here and now. Instant profit. No waiting for pie-in-the-sky Nirvana or heavenly rewards. Why wait for 72 virgins in the afterlife…get them now, while you KNOW you can enjoy them. Is it any wonder then, that they are the purveyors of credit and usury in our world? Buy now…and YOU pay later…they don’t feel that they will have to. But there is such a thing as human dignity. ALL humans have it somewhere in them…even jews. It usually precedes such questioning and rejection.

One of the kindest, most gentle people I have ever known is a Palestinian woman. Her family has been herded into the west bank along with most of the other oppressed people of her country, if not murdered outright. This is all because of the jew and his separatist, racist hatred and fear. That is one of the main reasons that I go on about jews….jews that do NOT reject their bullshit religion, their selfish materialistic rearing and the genocide that THEIR culture inflicts on another.

Whoever said “religion spoils everything” surely knew what they were talking about.
What a great world this would be without it.


4 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Regards Timster,I am writing this comment with a VERY heavy heart. This post of yours has, for the first, caused me to doubt your wisdom about certain things. I know you never claimed to be Divine and flawless and have more than once spoken of your imperfections. But some of your observations in this particular post is beyond redemption and has done great injustice to your, otherwise solid conclusions. Firstly, let me admit that I have been a great fan of your writing, and combined with your conviction, clarity of purpose, sincerity and character(trust me, words can even reveal that), it can be war-drums and hemlock to the foe; music and bakhlava to the friend. And I am friend. Please allow these words to flatter you, because I know its not easy to run a project of this sort, being a person of sight in the city of the blind.Or to borrow Rumi's words, "a beggar in a street full of dogs"(a beggar being an upright and moral person in Persian imagery, and dogs being..well that's pretty obvious: dogs). You deserve praise and encouragement. But I have to admit I really was insulted by your use of derogatory words to describe religious figures like Moses, Jesus and Mohammad, even if that was employed to drive home a point. And to call them "imaginary" does great disservice to your integrity and intelligence, which you have flawlessly maintained so far(I have almost read all your writings, I know what I am talking about) It will only drive away your admirers, like myself. You may not care, but I do. Because I hate to see a person of your intelligence employ words of which's potency you should have some idea. Constructive critique of religions or religious figures is not a problem, in fact welcomed(your spot-on deconstruction of Judaism was one of the reasons I was attracted to your writings). But mockery is absolutely unacceptable. It's counter-productive.As a Muslim and a student of religious philosophy I can accept constructive critique of mine or any other religion, but mockery is where I draw the line. And calling the above mentioned religious figures as "imaginary" insults my intelligence and you should be above that. It is not advisable to spell out certain things- even if we feel that way inside us- if there is no significant gain to be had but every possibility of harm. Religion is a very emotional subject and unless there is a strong need to say something about it to drive a particular point, one should exercise immense care not to belittle it or devalue it. I wish it could be any different, but that's how it is. Therefore, you are guilty of allowing the moment to get the better of you. In my book, that is a weakness of intellectual integrity.I pray for your health and success. Keep up the good fight.Khan

  2. Khan – Firstly, thank you for your praise. I don't deserve it…truly.Then we come to the meat of your comment…I try not to offend anyone other than the jew here. Really. But you must understand my POV. I am not religious in the least, which I am sure that you have surmised if you have read all of my missives. So perhaps at times I do "slip" and derogate those that I do not wish to. If I have, I apologize. I will never make amends for my lack of religion. It is me. I cannot be something I am not, nor will I even pretend to be. However I do not wish to "mock" Christians or Muslims either. I realize(believe me)what an emotional subject religion is to people, and I try…somewhere up there in that little brain-box, not to offend ALL of my readers…just the jewish. I rely on you to keep me in line. And I thank you for reading me so…what shall we say…religiously?Thanks again for your well-considered comment.

  3. Apologizes accepted. Now let's get back to work. I forget( maybe the religious sentiments got the better of me) to mention to you that I was planning to work on a series of articles that would analyze how Islamic revelation and Islamic traditions look upon the Jews. There are tones of super important Arabic and Farsi texts that deal with this subject. My goal is to translate some of these texts and add my notes to them, to make it easy reading to the modern reader. Many of the present works by Muslims on this particular subject lacks depth and potency. There are translations of "The Protocols", and added commentaries, from an Islamic point of view, but they make the mistake of relying too much on this text and passing it as an 'authentic' work. The populace as a result, who are aware of this text being a possible forgery doubt the academic integrity of these authors. A more serious work would entail an analysis of medieval texts on the subject. I ll try to update you with its progress. Your suggestions are more than welcomed.Khan

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