Connect the Dots…

There are only a few more dots to go.

You can do it…and you will be surprised and delighted to see the picture that was right there before your eyes. You just need to draw straight lines!

When I read that this jew or that zionist- sycophant has gotten some air-time, and via their tribal media is teaching us the current way of things, and how we should react to them…from immigration, to occupied Palestine, to supreme court appointments, or oil spills and such, I like to plug their names into NNBD and watch the nodes expand. It’s amazing how “certain” people link up to each other.

Pop any “famous” people’s names into it, and bingo-jingo, you see what board they sit on, who they sleep with, what candidate they contributed to…amazing stuff. I even found out that ONE jewish woman “owns” the NFL. Astounding.

Anyway, my point is that this nepotism/web of the spider is getting more and more visible. It shines in the evening dew with all it’s little dots and their connections. And as Sherlock Holmes observed, the spider always waits out at the edge of it’s web, not the center. He doesn’t want to draw too much attention. But if you look closely, this spider, judaism, is always there…monitoring his sinewy trap. He feels by vibrations. They are coming more often now as the sheer volume of his victims connect the geometry of deceit and see the furry creature waiting to devour them. But he got too greedy, and the light is just right now.

What the monster is beginning to understand is that there are too many of us …observing him. His web is collapsing under the girth of six billion souls weighing down upon his network of strings. He is in damage control mode trying in vain to repair all the connections while he exposes himself in the process. We are winning. He is now the hunted. And he will be overcome by the sheer numbers of his potential prey.

His web is getting weaker, because his web is made of money. Like the repellent fluids that all spiders seem to produce from “thin air” to weave their nets, jewish wealth is also weak and tenuous. Human values are much stronger material…but he knows nothing of this. He only knows money and how it used to ensnare us.

It is a glorious time to be seeing these insects exposed. The filth of the world will be removed at last…and we are here to witness and be part of it. It has a snow-ball impetus now. It can’t be stopped. He will make one more lunge exposing himself entirely, for all to see, then be destroyed. I know it. You know it.


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