There’s Good News Tonight!

I am not old enough to remember Gabriel Heatter’s famous radio sign-on phrase “there’s good news tonight!”. But I think it’s time that we out here can do a little such positive thinking, and if not a pat on the back yet, at least a thumbs-up for what has been accomplished so far. This constant blogging is important in the battle. Make no mistake about that.

Occupied Palestine is getting BAD press(see below for all the countries signing onto the Palestine relief effort), Obama is being seen as the silver-tongued rabbi that he is. Few if any are buying the next war for israel in Iran. The media is losing it’s audience faster than you can say shalom, and goldman-sucks is in the dock. They are correct about one of their media scares, and that is that anti-semitism IS on the rise. Not the brand that they want and like to publicize though, like the swastikas on tombstones and such bull… but boycotts, divestment and distrust.

You can’t ask for a better start than that. Things are turning around. Rejoice in this.

A friend asked what if the IDF fires on the Gaza relief flotilla? Well, it comes with the territory, I think. If they do, they are going to be seen by more and more of the world, as the racist assholes that they are. If they don’t, then humanity wins…a battle. Of course there are going to be sacrifices. Rachel proved that. The thousands of Palestinian dead proved that. However, no zionists or their apartheid mentality is invincible. They are going down. And as Ahmadinejad REALLY said ” The zionist regime shall be erased from the pages of history”.

When it is erased, those that elbowed their way into Palestine and Washington and London, and those that sympathized with them will be judged on their merit as humans…not as “poor jews” anymore.

I perceive a post-israel world in which the very words “jew” and “zionism” will be anathema. As well they should be. The web of nepotism that has placed these horse’s-asses in places of power will fall apart. A time will come when the word “settler” will be replaced by the correct term “terrorist”. The word “anti-semite” will again have no meaning. A world in which NO children will be brought up to hate anyone because of what they are, is neigh. Such a world is coming. It has to. We want it and “WE” are the people.

It will be achieved. I feel it.

So take heart, brothers and sisters. Look at what is being accomplished.

Of course the zionists see this and must go “all-in”. They have no alternative now. There WILL be another false-flag and it will be massive. Innocent people will die. And their deaths will be on the heads of the hebrew and it will be seen as such. Because the world will not buy it again. We have all learned, whether you believe the world is “asleep” or not…they will see who is behind this evil. I would stake my life on it.

“May you live in interesting times” goes the ancient Chinese proverb/curse. I see it as a well-wishing proverb. It has been hell with this tribe…it will get worse. But the result will be a world which our grandchildren will thank us for providing.

But you know this…


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