What’ll They Think of Next?

“Temper tantrums,stealing, bullying, and vandalism are some of key symptoms of “oppositional defiant disorder”.
ODD people are negative, defiant, unable to take “no” for answer, deliberately annoy others, are easily annoyed themselves, blame others for all that goes wrong”.

Hmmm…that sounds like a whole culture I am familiar with. Or maybe ODD is how these “doctors” would describe those of us that don’t buy their bullshit?

So a bunch of yiddish shrinks meet every year to expand their DSM(Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) with a few new mental diseases they just came up with? You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried and I dare you to try.

But let me give it a shot…

Reuters: May 17 2010 ~ Psychiatrists in Los Angeles at their annual APA seminar on DSM considerations, have identified a mental disorder that they say has previously gone untreated in the American populace. Doctors today indicated that the disorder dubbed RSMJWD(reluctance to spend money on jewish witch-doctors disease) has been prevalent in society for some time, but has yet to be successfully treated on a clinical scale. Dr. Shlomo Filtchberg stated that “this is a disease, that unless treated immediately will cause the afflicted to question even the basic need for psychiatry as a whole”. “This type of behaviour cannot be ignored any longer and the APA has identified the disorder and established a comprehensive approach to treatment. This will include more tv, press and cinema bullshit programming about the benefits of psychiatry. Coupled with a new (well, repackaged) drug therapy program, we believe, although it will not cure the patient, it will help ease his feeling of being “taken to the cleaners” by competent physicians that only want to help alleviate the symptoms of this terrible mental affliction”.

By their own admission, psychiatrists cannot and have NEVER cured anyone of any of these imaginary diseases. So how stupid are we the public? It is a simple scam.

Psychiatry is an inherently jewish endeavor, as I am sure you are aware. Anything inherently jewish should start bells and sirens going off in your head. And that noise is NOT a symptom of a new mental disorder.

As in their disgusting “holohoax” tales, these practitioner’s versions about what is mentally wrong with society are very much a “projection”, as Freud would say. The more disgusting the “doctor”, the more he will tend to project his own filth into the minds of the mentally normal human. And for money.

We buy this generally because: A.- We like to be listened to. We enjoy having a good chin-wag with someone about our problems…it makes us feel better to “get it off our chest”. And, B.- We have been trained to believe that life’s inevitable problems can be “cured” by taking prescription drugs. The psychiatrist has both of these things for us…for a price.

But you know this.

Or…OMG…maybe “I” have RSMJWD! I need treatment NOW!!


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