Foment the Friction…

I watched a video today that totally missed it again. It was well-produced and informative and a very good argument for ceasing immigration for a while.

The video also pointed out successfully who has always been behind and pushing hard to reinstate open immigration policies from the “melding pot” era that had originally allowed the eastern European jew on these shores.

The point that the video misses, isn’t about the jewish backing of more and more immigration and the “multiculturalism” that results. In the vid, Dr. Kevin MacDonald gets that right. Zionists understand that to dissipate a united front against themselves, they must have a multi-directional populace. One that is taught to fight among themselves and to revere the “poor jew”. Because, remember-judaism is the ONLY religion and culture of this world that teaches that it is SUPERIOR to all other humans.

What the video concludes to be the result of this mixing of cultures is NECESSARY and natural friction between diverse cultures and the hatred and violence that it brings. This is simply not true. Different kinds of people do NOT cause friction naturally. It is when the media(that jews own) continually portrays this group or that group as dangerous or of less intelligence, or more prone to, say…child molestation(as in the recent media flurry over the Catholic church)… that the frictions arise. It is not enough to just have a diversified citizenry. They must be pitted against their neighbors.

Never underestimate the awesome destructive power of the media which they wield…too many people do. From it’s most primitive forms to the technology of today, it has always been little less than a tool of social engineering…and is at the root of ALL of the evils of today’s world. It is their voice. Their dissonant disruptive voice of hatred.

For instance, from the time of the earliest entertainments in this country, beginning with the images of the minstrel-show black buffoon that filled the heads and shaped the identity of black Americans…to the dunce-like characters played out in the first 50-60 years of film, African-Americans have essentially been “told” how to behave. And it hasn’t stopped. With the 60’s and 70’s “Black-ploitation” image, these instructions have evolved into the gangsta mentality that we see today. These images are powerful. And they ARE instructive. If you are told, day-in and day-out all of your life that you are essentially worthless, irresponsible and violent…then you require a huge amount of self-awareness to overcome these stereotypes.

But of course it doesn’t stop there. Every race, religion and group except the jew, has taken their turn to be demonized in their media at one point or another by these monsters. Mexicans, Japanese, Filipinos, Arabs, Italians….Protestant, Catholic, Mormon….everyone BUT the jew. All this demonization coupled with the constant reminder to be PROUD of your heritage no matter what, will foment enough friction to spark minor wars while the jews look on and profit by being left out of it.

This is the point which the jew does not understand fully. Most immigrants naturally assimilate to their surroundings…unlike the adhesive hebrew mindset, that assumes that other cultures also need to retain their cultural identities. That’s where we have them. We don’t. We are human above all else. Children are children first and not to be murdered…no matter what their race. We humans do not kill them for land or money or some bullshit religious reasons. They will.

Left alone, I believe that every culture brings something to the table…and there IS harmony. But that is not what they want. Harmony is solidarity. Solidarity is focus. And the focus would be on the prime movers.


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