It’s Complicated…

Obama has officially nominated Elana Kagan to fill the soon-to-be-vacant Supreme Court spot.

This zionist jew lesbian, will be the third jew and…what?…the 6th zionist/israel-firster, on this, our highest bench. She WILL be confirmed. I would bet my last doughnut on it. With her confirmation, she will replace the last Protestant in this most powerful court.

There will now be a record number of the tribe in our congress as well, with 45 jews slated to take the oath of office. Of course the oath means nothing. Nor does the outdated constitution that used to guide us. This bench will shred what’s left of it.
If you Amerikans don’t think you are living in an occupied territory that “used” to have a constitution and rule of law…welcome to reality. Welcome to “democracy”. You know, that thing our continental congress used to warn us about? Where the mob rules after the mob has been swayed, and purchased.

With a population of less than two percent of the U.S., jews have for all intents and purposes(and I am sure there are a LOT of purposes) run our government. They have “owned” it for 100 years or so, but now like Ms. Kagan, they are out of the closet…and visible in all their ugliness.

As I read this tribal pundit and that tribal pundit, talking about liberal focus and conservative representation…I gotta think how we make the most complicated things simple and the most simple things complicated. The SIMPLE fact that this woman is a zionist jew…the fact that she worked for Goldman-Sachs…the fact that she is a lesbian…all these things that SHOULD be points to consider seriously when appointing a mere traffic-court judge, let alone a supreme court justice, appear to mean nothing to the public. Or so it would seem. These are just details that are insignificant in a complicated process of the balance of conservative versus liberal dynamics…etc…etc.

So too the banking syndicate. If the common man does not understand the details of derivatives and fractional reserve and discount philosophy, he just assumes that the outcome of these shell-games,(although it just took his house, his job and his retirement) should not be questioned…because it’s complicated. But then again, the tribe owns that endeavor too.

I used to be sickened by these kind of antics. I used to point the finger and try to show people how they are being raped by…and let’s be kind…the most patiently evil religion on this planet. But lately…I dunno. I am beginning to see the absurd humour in it all. It’s like watching the gal that was being asked a question about maps in that beauty pageant a few years ago. You kinda feel for her stupidity at first and would like to help her if you could, and then you go through an embarrassment phase for her…then as it gets more and more ridiculous… you gotta fall down laughing.

No one can be this stupid, right?

Now where have I heard that story-line before? The pretty and the stupid being eaten alive by the ugly, disgusting and devious….


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