Damn. I hate that stuff. It’s one of my vices.

When I took creative writing classes, I was warned that when attempting to be TOO clever, a writer runs the risk of coming off as arrogant. They were right.

When you think you have a handle on things…you can appear to be dictating your new-found revelations to the unsuspecting reader/listener and looking a bit of a jerk. I criticize others for this…probably because I see the tendency to do so, in myself. I think(oh no…here he goes AGAIN!) that quite a bit of our hatred and repulsion for others is based in this. What we see in others that we know is in us. I know that is true for me. There but for the grace go I…and all that. If I see someone pontificating about all they “know”, which is usually 10% legitimate and 90% BS, or misinterpretation…I think “Yes,’re very smart, now shut the hell up”. I feel this emotion perhaps more deeply than most because I know that’s just what others have often felt toward me. Perhaps that is one of the big reasons that I revile those of a certain “faith”, that are not only reared with a “chosen one” hubris, but with no seeming human remorse for such behaviour.

Another lesson tha
t was drummed into my head in those various writing classes was ….write it…set it aside…let it get “cold”…then re-read it carefully. That works. Really. I have re-written or even scrapped entire projects due to this rule of thumb(not often enough, thinks you). I think as we write, we get “hot” on an idea and we simply can’t type fast enough. Then after we “rush to press” this glorious bit of prose, we can get “writer’s remorse”. We can all become victims of this I guess…but some more than others.

Those that don’t hammer these little keys, are also subject to this phenomenon in their everyday conversational relations to others. Although the “let it get cold” option, of course is absent. We call them loudmouths, know-it-all’s…or arrogant. So then, if there is at least 10% of something truly legitimate in what they are saying, it can get lost in the flurry of zealous preaching. To all of those out there that must listen to this type of one-way communication…we, the arrogant…after letting our mouths or typing get the better of us…humbly apologize. Many of us are worthy of your forgiveness, I believe, because in that stormy passion that moves us to educate others, there sometimes really IS a modicum of truth or profundity.

I see a lot of this out here. Political blogging must attract these types. Those that tend toward the declarative more than the inquisitive.

“This is the way it is!”….not, “I wonder if this isn’t the way it is?”. We “arrogant” are not all necessarily lacking in the social skills that would prevent us from crushing the views of others intentionally…we just get hot on idea(or too much hot coffee) and get caught up.

Speaking or writing…it’s just a personality type. Although there is a bit of vanity attached to this type of personality it isn’t ALL about us, all the time. Or not meant to be. We often have remorse for having silenced, (or mindlessly attempting to)the opinions of others. And although that has an effect on us imperious ones, of tempering our passion…we will still feel the urge to shout from the pulpit again…. and soon. Forgive us. And take what you can from we that are addicted to the sound of our own voice, in the form that we use…no matter how unpleasant it can be. We aren’t all bad.

I for one, am trying to get better.


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