Here is an addendum to the response that I received from Dr. Lasha Darkmoon, concerning some misunderstanding about her article:

Tim, you’ve done a splendid job. Many thanks. And thanks again for giving me the opportunity to set the record straight on this hurtful allegation that I am spreading racist “poison”.

I do believe this has something to do with semantics. The very use of the W-word (“White”) in discourse appears to be a red rag to a bull. We have argued long and hard on another site about this: about whether to drop the inflammatory W-word and substitute some other more inoffensive alternative. Several suggestions were made, including “Euro-Americans”, “Americans of European ancestry”, and “Blancos”.

I myself advised that the word “White” should be avoided, as it would inevitably cause offense because of its reference to skin color. If I had taken my own advice, I would have used the harmless term “Euro-Americans”. This would have made no waves.

You see: if African Americans are free to stick up for their rights, why should Euro-Americans be denied the same rights?

It’s as simple as that: I’m pleading for a level playing field, for lack of double standards.

Please feel free to post this additional clarification on your site.

Kind regards,

Lasha Darkmoon.


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