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In answer to my “open letter” to Dr. Lasha Darkmoon concerning her piece, part 2 of “Goodbye, America”, I received the following response. I believe it to be a well-tempered and intelligent clarification of her position on multiculturalism and racism. Although, I think that the original article did her more harm than good, I welcome this explanation, and applaud her missive.

Thank you for writing to me and expressing your concerns about my views on multiculturalism. Allow me to say I am not a racist. I wish all races could live together in perfect harmony. I think you will move over to my position, Tim, if I tell you it is not multiculturalism per se that I object to, but its misuse by organized Jewry. Multiculturalism by itself, if it works, and if people are happy with it, cannot be a bad thing. It is only when it is misused that it becomes a bad thing.

An analogy:

There is nothing wrong with women. It is only when women misuse their powers over men that there is something wrong with them. There is nothing wrong with a breadknife. It is only when a breadknife is misused, as an instrument of murder, that there is something wrong with it. There is nothing wrong with multiculturalism. It is only when multiculturalism is misused, as an instrument of oppression over Euro-Americans, that there is something wrong with it.

Allow me to quote a letter on Israel Shamir’s site, Shamir Readers, attacking me for spreading “pure poison”. This is what it says:

“Darkmoon’s racialist thinking is poison….Frankly, if I don’t see a robust refutation of racialist poison on this list when it is expressed by articles such as this one by Darkmoon, then I will leave the list. My anti-Zionism is only one aspect of my anti-racialism; I am as opposed to “white people” racialism as I am to “Jewish people” racialism. They are both poison. I consider those who aggressively administer this poison to be agents of the enemy, witting or otherwise.”

To this I replied as follows:

Dear John Spritzler,

I was moved to tears by this comment of yours, in scathing reference to my recent 2-part article “Goodbye, America!”

It is so needlessly unfair.

I am the very antithesis of a racialist — if by “racialist” you mean to suggest that I am a racist! I condemn racism absolutely. In any form. I think it is altogether loathsome. I have friends who belong to every race under the sun.

In my own house I entertain Jews, Hispanics, Indians, Chinese, African Americans. They are all equally welcome. The idea that I should consider myself in any way superior to my guests would be contrary to all the principles I hold most dear, particularly to the principles I have imbibed from Christianity. Not the Christianity of the Churches, but the true, undiluted Christianity of the early Christians as it is is found in the New Testament.

I ask myself: “Would Jesus approve of racism?” A silly question. Of course he would not! So I take my cue from Jesus who would never under any circumstances have condoned racism in any guise.

However, there is a subtle distinction between racism and racialism that is not always taken into account.

I would simply ask for Americans of European ancestry the same rights and privileges that are now accorded to all other minorites in America. Reflect that Euro-Americans will soon be a minority in America. Would it not be strikingly bizarre if all other racial minorities in America were to have their spokespersons and be able to fight their corners, but that the Euro-American minority should be denied identical rights?

Do we accuse Jews or Hispancs or African Americans of “racialism” (or “racism”) when they stick up for their minority rights?

No, we do not.

So it is hard to see how Euro-Americans who stick up for their rights — and they will soon be a minority in America — can be accused of racialism (or racism) when they are trying to secure for themselves the same rights and privileges accorded so generously to Jews, Hispanics and African Americans.

Please, no double standards!

Is it racism for Euro-Americans to demand a separate state for themselves on the basis of skin color? I think a strong case could be argued that it would be racism if a sign were to be put up that read: WHITES ONLY.

It is precisely for this reason that I take no position on the question of a separate homeland for Whites. I am NOT an advocate of the White Man’s Utopia. I have already gone on record as saying that this whole idea of a White Utopia is unlikely to work — if only because 60 million Christian Zionists would be quite out of place in any Euro-American homeland, given that these misguided wretches would feel far more at ease in Israel oppressing the Palestinians.

Actually, the best thing that could happen to these 60 million collaborators in ethnic cleansing is that God should come to their rescue and rapture them away to heaven without further delay. Smile

Is multicultralism a deadly WMD, as I asserted in my article?

It is only a deadly weapon when it is misused. When it is deployed as an instrument of oppression. Against whom? Obviously against Euro-Americans who will soon be a minority. This is so obvious it is almost axiomatic.

I shall conclude by saying that you, dear John — and some others on Shamir Readers — have misunderstood my position completely. I expressed myself badly in my article. Without nuance. So I now offer my sincere apologies for my poor communication skills. I will obviously have to do better in future.

Meanwhile, I would strongly urge you, dear John, not to leave Shamir Readers on my account. I am not worth it. Truly. I value your criticism more than I can say. If you hadn’t spoken out in such a forthright manner, denouncing me as an evil purveyor of “pure poison”, I would never have known that my words could have been misinterpreted in this way. I have to thank you for saving me from complacency.

To you John and all others on Shamir Readers — critics laudatory as well as critics unkind — my sincere thanks and gratitude for a stimulating discussion.

Lasha Darkmoon.


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