This Ain’t T.V.

The great thing about the internet, is that it ain’t television.

I think that this is something that a lot of people have yet to grasp. Not that this is a bad thing…just a generational thing. Most of the world has been taught through repetition, the whole “non-interactive” aspect of television. Watch it. Agree or disagree, you have no say in it’s programming. If you don’t like what you are seeing,change the channel. Simple.

The internet, however affords us all the opportunity that television promised in it’s infancy, but never delivered. It never became an interactive tool for uniting and teaching the world that it can reach. Instead it became a tool for various propaganda and a method to sell crap.

That is a shame. And it took us fifty or so-odd years to come up with a replacement that has little room for dogmatic one-way communication. But it is here…and we NEED to use it to it’s fullest extent before TPTB(the powers that be-shalom) place it in shackles too.

As I have stated on this blog many times, in many ways…I am an idiot. Well, perhaps not an idiot, but I certainly do not know HALF of what I think I know. I began this project hoping to educate as many as possible to the dangers of judaism, and to learn from anyone that reads my babbling, through their comments and letters. I think that I have had moderate success in helping get the anti-jewish sentiment out there, and I have received quite a bit of positive response. For that I thank you(and Les over at Smoking Mirrors and several other blogs for pointing so many in my direction).

However, from my feedjit thingy, I see a LOT of people that are simply cruising by, reading a few posts and cruising on. Thousands of times. That’s GREAT! But only a small percentage of those cruisers leave comments. That IS allowed. But BECAUSE this isn’t television, it is ALSO allowed to interact…with me, and with others leaving comments. It doesn’t cost anything. I don’t need your email address or credit-card number, and I am not an agent of any federal government or NGO, looking to trap anyone (If THEY want to know who we are…they will find us). No comments are too dumb…I am PROOF of that.

I really don’t want to become “the anti-semitic channel”, that people can surf to… and by. Feel free to stay a while and ESPECIALLY when you give me YOUR opinions too. I don’t care if it’s “Don’s World of Lawnmowers. com”, or CNN…I will give them a piece of my mind(perhaps that’s why I seem to be coming up a bit shy lately).

Before long, I will have to assume that I am god. I am getting few responses to the contrary. C’mon folks…give me hell. Slap the ever-lovin shit outta me if you think I am wrong about something, have missed a point…or that I am ugly and my mother dresses me funny!

Help…I am an idiot, and I need to be taught a lesson! And we can get some stimulating conversation going.


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